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Which Of These Famous Dance Types Do You Love?!

We have been talking about dancing a few times this month, but do you have any idea how many dance types are there? This time, we shall take a deep look at some of the most famous types of dance, and where they originate!

Tap Dance

Our first dance type is tap dance! Did you know that there is a dark history behind this dance? This dance originated in the United State in the early 19th century. Back then, slave owners would take away the percussion instruments that the African slave had. However, in order to express themselves and keep their cultural identities alive, the African slaves at that time used their feet as the substitution for their percussion instrument.

In order to do this dance type, you would need a special pair of shoes called the tap shoes. They are shoes designed with percussive metal plates on their heel and toe. There are many types of tap dance, but rhythm tap and Broadway tap is the most famous. The difference between them is Rhythm tap is much more driven by the music, while the Broadway tap put emphasis in their movement.

Jazz Dance

Another dance type that we are going to talk about is Jazz dance, a performance dance technique that was born in the United States in the early 20th century. It is hard to point finger at who actually developed this style, but Gus Giordano is considered as the founder of Jazz Dance, as his dance style helped influence modern jazz dance.

Just like the music genre, Jazz Dance is a dance type that really emphasizes the dancer’s uniqueness. During your jazz dance class, the instructor might teach various types of steps, but you will still need to give your own interpretation of the steps. Usually, jazz steps would include but not limited to:

  • Chaines
  • Piques
  • Pirouettes
  • Jazz turns
  • Ballet turns

Ballet Dance

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Unlike the two previous dance types, Ballet does not originate in the United States. Instead, it came from Italy during the Italian Renaissance around the 15th century. Compared to the two previous types, ballet has a much more rigid technical form of dance and has become the foundational techniques for other dance genres.

Because of its rigidity and tough discipline of self, ballet is said to be one of the most difficult dance types to master. Usually, when someone is learning ballet, they will have to wear Ballet shoes until their feet are strong enough to use pointe shoes. However, once you could master Ballet, you could learn other forms of dances much easier.


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