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6 DIY Valentine’s Gift for Your Loved Ones!

Valentine’s Day is right on the corner! Have you prepared something for your loved ones? Oh no, you have not? Worry not! This time, we are going to give you tips on making some DIY Valentine’s Gift for your loved ones! If you want to, you can also bring your children along, and let them help you out!

Love Bubble Wand

Before we start with a complicated DIY Valentine’s gift, we should start with the easiest one to make: a balloon bubble that your kids can blow. This time, we should put how to make the bubbles aside and instead focus on the heart bubble wand made out of pipe cleaner and paper straw.

Love Words Fortune Cookies

Let’s get that oven ready to bake some DIY Valentine’s gift, but we are going to use the DIY term loosely. For our next gift, we are going to make some fortune cookies with words of love inside of them, so when your child takes one and eats it, they will be surprised when they find there are some words of love and encouragement inside the cookies.

Heart Shaped Crayons

heart crayons [2]

Almost every child in this world loves to play with crayons. However, sometimes the crayon they use would break in half and they would no longer use them. Then, rather than throwing away those unused crayons, why not repurpose it into some DIY Valentine’s gift? Take a bunch of crayons and heat them up in a silicone pan. However, make sure you group the crayons by their own colors (or color shades) so they would look lovely.

Valentine Pop-up Card

If we are talking about DIY, making a pop-up card will always be a good choice. It does not require a lot of items to make, and it also would not take a lot of time to make. So, if you are really tight on time and forget to buy and prepare something for your loved ones, you can always make a valentine pop-up card. However, make sure you also make the cards with a lot of thoughts and care, as to not make it as seem you are giving them a pop-up card in desperation

Bottled Message

Valentine’s Day is usually a good time to tell someone how much you love them. However, sometimes you just could not do it because you are so embarrassed of actually saying it. For that reason, we give you a chance to still say your love, but by writing it instead of saying it! All you need is some papers and an unused Mason jar. Write your message on the paper, put it inside of the Mason jar, and fill the jar with candies or chocolates!

Valentine Candy Box

If you want to make a compact DIY Valentine’s gift for your loved ones, you can always use some packs of matchboxes. You could find them in a grocery store with a cheap price tag. Then, use some paper and tape to decorate the matchboxes the way you or your loved ones would like them. Once you are done, fill them with chocolates or small candies!


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