About Us


At TOYU Indonesia, our goal is to give your kid the most memorable childhood they deserve.


We started in late 2018 from the mind of two high school friends that wanted to bring something more for the kids in Indonesia. Our journey began by creating exciting school accessories and stationery to motivate children, so they can jump in to the fun learning process.

Our endgame is to create millions of smile on the face of children all around Indonesia as they create fun and irreplaceable childhood memories they can look back when they are an adult.

Filled with people that not only loves fun, but also passionate in giving the best products to kids in Indonesia, our company can create items that not only have unique and extraordinary designs, but also safe for kids to take as they play with their friends.



We are aiming to be the top! To be the leading organization that could inspire your kids by presenting fun products to them!


Our mission is to shape children so they can be future leaders. To do this, we might need some help from them! We will encourage their creativity by creating a memorable yet educative childhood.

Does this sound like a mission impossible? Maybe. But even so, we are committed to provide safe and innovative products for kids that could facilitate any way of learning they will have.


The products we create include stationery and back to school product that will surely motivate children to study better.

For the future, we are going to improve those items, and will aim to expand our selections to educational toys and other unique products. Our hope is that children will find it to fun to explore outdoor activities while they learn about arts, crafts, and other traditional games from Indonesia.