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According to Science, Here are Some Ways to Build a Happy Family!

It is every person’s dream to have a happy family, but it is easier said than done. But did you know that there is a way to make a happy family that is backed by science and research? This time, we will try to see what those ways to build a happy family are!

Empower your children

We understand that as parents, we think we know what is best for our children. However, that is not a good way to build a happy family! Actually, scientists at the University of California found that children who make their own plan and evaluate their own works will have a better control on their lives. However, it might also be scary to let your kids plan everything by themselves. If that is the case, then you should try to let them have a say in decisions related to their lives.

Involve grandparents in parenting

There was a group of researchers at Brigham Young University in Utah that interviewed around 408 teenagers and their relationship with their grandparents. From their interview, they said that when grandparents are involved, the children will have better core social skills, especially in cooperation, compassion, and being considerate, which are keys to build a happy family.

Reduce your own stress


While it is really hard to do, this point is really important if you are working to build a happy family! The reason behind this is because on a survey from thousands of families, many children answered that they would want their parents to be less tired and less stressed. Studies also showed that parental stress would weaken their brains, deplete the children’s immune systems, and even increase their risk of mental illness, diabetes, risk of obesity, and even allergies.

Have family dinner

It is said that children that eat their dinner with families will be a better person in every aspect possible. They would be less likely to drink, develop eating disorders, and even smoke. Another research also found that those children will have larger vocabularies, higher self-esteem, and better manners. However, it does not have to be strictly dinner. The most important thing is the whole family eating their meals at home.

Sharing the history of the family

If you want to build a happy family, there is nothing better than retelling the history of your big family. By listening to the stories of other people that came before them, your children would be able to have a higher self-esteem, a better sense of control over their own lives, and a higher belief in how well their families functioned.

Join a large community

Many researches have shown that religious families are much happier compared to non-religious families. The importance of being in a religious community according to Chaeyoon Lin and Robert Putnam is the number of friends you are making inside that community. The more friends you have in a community the happier you are. This is because at the end of the day, the key to building a happy family is to have supportive networks of friends that will support you and your family. 

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