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Take Your Kids Out for These Activities You Can Do With Your Child in Jakarta!


If you are a working parent, it might be hard to make a quality time with your family, and that is why you should use the weekend as efficient as possible. Whilst relaxing at home might be an alluring idea, what if we tell you that there are many activities you can do with your child?

This time, we will give some recommendations of activities you can do with your child in Jakarta. Even though Jakarta has always been labelled as a hectic city, there are surprisingly many fun activities you can do with your kids there!

Who doesn’t like a gigantic slide on a pool?

One of many recommended activities you can do with your child is going to a waterpark. There are many of them in Jakarta, but you need to take note that some of them can be really packed during the weekend. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Pondok Indah Water Park (The Wave)

The Wave is located right next to Pondok Indah Mall, and is one of the most favourite destinations for many families in South Jakarta. This waterpark offers many exciting water rides such as the Wizzard Slide, Lazy River, 1000 sqm Olympic Swimming Pool, Wave Pool & Sandy Beach, and their most important ride: Water Rider, a water surfing simulation experience.

  • Atlantis Water Adventures (Ancol)

This waterpark was a revitalization of Gelanggang Renang Samudera that was established in 1974. The new waterpark now has a 5 hectare area that houses 8 major pools: Kiddy pool, Octopus, Atlantean, Antila, Poseidon, and Plaza Atlas.

  •  Waterbom Pantai Indah Kapuk

Waterbom is one the best option when it comes to waterpark in Jakarta, especially for those who live in the West or North area of Jakarta. They have a very famous ride called Aquatube, a long slide that spans 118 meter and combining open & closed slides. They also have a kiddy slide for kids between 5 to 12 years old.

2. Let it go! Be the ice skater you want to be!

Indonesia is not a country with 4 seasons, so it might be hard to find a river frozen in ice. However, you shouldn’t worry because now you can ice-skate right in Jakarta. Sky Rink Jakarta is offering a unique activity you can check out with your kids in the 3rd floor of Mal Taman Anggrek, West Jakarta.

3. See a lot of animals!

If your kids love animals, then they will definitely have fun seeing some animals! Ragunan Zoo in Pasar Minggu South Jakarta can be one of the best activities you could do with your kids. Some of their animal enclosures might be in a bad condition, but with 147 hectares of green, they are still the closest you can get to nature in Jakarta.

Another place you can bring your kids to see animals is Jakarta Aquarium in Neo Soho, Jakarta Barat. This place has many different aquatic animals your kids can see along with many other facilities and activities your kids could do. Some of those facilities are:

  • Touch Pool

Touch pool is a facility where you and your kids can feel the excitement of being in contact with many aquatic animals. However, you need to make sure you or your kids do not take the animals out of the pool.

  • Aquatrekking

Aquatrekking is a facility where visitors are allowed to dive inside a huge aquarium and swim together with many aquatic animals. This facility has a 15 minutes time limit, and you will be accompanied by a professional diver while diving.

  • Underwater Theatre

As its name suggests, underwater theatre is a theatrical show. One of the show they are holding is Southern Sea Pearl, taken from an old folk story. The performers on this underwater theaters are professional performers that will entice you.

4. Hit the gas! Try your speed in with Go-karting!

Are any of your kids (or you) ever interested being a speedy racer? While you obviously can’t do it on the street, there is a place called Speedy Karting in South Jakarta that will accommodate those dream! In Speedy Karting, you can borrow their necessary safety gear such as helmet, jacket, and race suit. After you suit up, you can then unleash the racer inside you.

5. Try out your dream job!

Kidzania is located in Pacific Place, SCBD South Jakarta, you can let your kids try out the work of various jobs. Once you enter Kidzania, your kids can be whatever they want to be and do whatever they want to do all day long. In your visit, you will be given a boarding pass, a map, and 50 Kidzos which is the currency they use in Kidzania.

There are over 70 different professions that your kids could try out. When they successfully did their job, they will be given some amount of Kidzos which they could trade for items in some of the shops.


Obviously, there are still many other activities you can do with your child in Jakarta. However, this time we will only list 5 of them. Is there any activities you would like to try with your kids from our recommendations?

If you are interested in this article and wants us to give you more recommendation, you can leave a comment down below!

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