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Appreciating the Meaning of Holiday

It’s December! Which means, it will not be long before the holiday comes and we all can get the rest we deserve before going back to work, school, or our other activities. But have you ever pondered the meaning of holiday for you?

If we are talking about the meaning of holiday based on the etymology, it is a word that comes from an Old English word: hāligdæg with hālig means “holy”, and dæg means “day”. Originally, this word was used to refer only to special religious days. However, this is not the meaning we are talking about.

All around the world, there are many kinds of holidays from religious holidays, national holidays, even holidays to appreciate the heroes. But sometimes with how the modern world has become, holidays are often fall victim to consumerism. That is why, this time we will talk about the true meaning of holiday should be.


 In Indonesia, other than Christmas and eid al fitr, the biggest holiday is on August 17th which is the independence day. While usually this day is celebrated with festivities, fun activities for kids, and a big feast, it might be a good idea to start associating this day with gratitude. There are many notable heroes that gave their life for our country, and they also deserve to be thanked.

However, our feeling of gratitude should not stop there. During days like New Year’s Day, it is a good idea to be grateful that you could spend another year. On Labour Day, it is good to be thankful for the labours’ struggle to make the working hours not as intense as it was.

In essence, during any holiday, it is a good idea to be grateful be it for the littlest thing in life to the big thing such as the birth of Jesus Christ or the birth of Muhammad.


For some people, the meaning of the holiday is to relax. This is especially true when it is the combination of Christmas and New Year’s holiday. After a year long of working, you can finally get a few days off to unplug yourself from the work you have been doing.

On your day off, you should also put sleep into your to-do list, especially if you want to do something during the New Year’s eve. Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep around one or two day before you stay awake for the whole night of New Year.

Love & Family

Whether or not you actually celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, the theme of Christmas is still the same nonetheless: unconditional and not romantic kind of love. Christmas is a time of forgiveness and respect for your peers, your acquaintances, and your friends. You can show them how much you care about them, and connect with themselves more.

Another part of love you should not forget is the family love. During the Christmas holiday, try to utilize your time with family–not only your family, but the big family. Bond with the aunt you have not talked to for a long time. With the uncle that never stops talking about their new businesses. After all, it is not everyday you could meet and talk with them, right?

Treasure all the moments with your family, or else one day you are going to look back on those days, regretting that you did not interact with them enough–not bonded with them enough.


Those are some meanings we could think of when we think about holidays. What about you? What is the meaning of holiday for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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