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Are You Worried Because Your Children Play in Dirt? You Should Not!

One amongst many fears for parents is to see their children playing in dirt. However, did you know that there are actually benefits to let your children get dirty as they play? You do not believe us? Alright, this time, let us tell you how your children could benefit from getting dirty as they play with dirt!

It could lower their stress level

A research paper from the University of Queensland said that people that visit parks for around 30 minutes—or even more—per week, will have a lower blood pressure and a better mental health compared to those who do not. The same study said that everyone needs their weekly “dose of nature”, and one of the best ways to do that is to play and get their clothes dirty in a park!

Boosting their immune system

Dr Ryan Harvey, a doctor from House Call Doctor said that exposure to everyday germs that could be found in mud and dirt will build a stronger and a much more robust immunity to many sicknesses in their body. That is why people with excessive hygiene practice in their childhood would get sick easier compared to the children playing in dirt because there is an abrupt decline in their exposure to microbes.

It will keep them active

When you give the okay to your children playing in dirt, most of the time they will go running, jumping, and even touch them with their hands in haste. As they continuously play in the dirt, it will also improve their cardiovascular fitness, and let them learn coordination and movement control. Obviously, from time to time they would fall down and get some dirt sticking to their clothes. However, it is a completely acceptable price to pay for your children’s health, right?

They will get their dose of Vitamin D

While you let your children play in dirt, it is very likely that they will also spend more time under the sun. By doing so, you are getting them their much needed dose of vitamin D, something that they really need to boost their immune systems and protect the health of their bones. However, you should also notice that there are some sun safety protocols that you should be concerned with, and those are:

  • Use sun protective clothing
  • Let your children put on a hat
  • Seek shades whenever possible
  • Apply sunscreen from time to time

Now that you know some of the reasons as to why you should let your children play in dirt, what else are you waiting for? Go out with your family this weekend, and let your children have the time of their life as they jump around, run, and fall down and have some dirt sticks on their clothes!


If you want to let your children play in dirt and still supervise them while they do so, here is an idea: go and try gardening with them! One of our recommendations if you are trying to do some gardening but did not know how to do it is Rhythms of Play.


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