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This List of Things Will Help Your Kids Growing Up Respectful!


Respect is a word that has been thrown around so many times, but what does it really mean? To respect someone means you are respecting, admire, and treat that person well. You can show your respect by being nice and polite. Because of that, it’s the dream of every parent to see their child grow up as a respectful person.

There are a few things parents could do to plant the seed of respect to their kids. However, the failure to do so will instead make the child unable to show any respect towards anyone, especially their elders. Because of that, this time we will give you some tips so you can nurture the feeling of respect in your kids!  

1. Give them a role model

If you want your child to grow up to be respectful, you should start with yourself. Rather than telling them to say thank you or please, let your child see you practice those values yourself. If they see you always doing that, they will start to think that it’s a normal thing to do and will start doing it before you realize.

2. Include them in the conversation

Every time you talk about your children near them, make sure to include them inside the actual conversation. If you want to talk about how your child wins a competition, try asking them about their competition instead of telling it yourself.

Your child might want you to talk about it on their behalf, but it’s always good to offer them the chance to speak up.

3. Don’t demand apology from them

Sometimes, your child might do something that will cause harm to you. Maybe, you made a cup of hot coffee, and they were running and bumped into you until you fell down.

When those things happen, it’s easy to just blame them and ask for their apologies. However, children actually lose a little dignity when they make mistakes. If you want your child to grow up respectful, you should instead help your child to find a way to solve that problem.

If you want your kids to say they are sorry, the best way to teach them is by modeling it to them. Demonstrate that it’s okay to admit you did something wrong by apologizing.

4. Never force them to share

While it’s every parents’ dream that they child would be able to share what they have with other kids, it’s unrealistic. All you can do is to do model sharing as much as you can and support your child when they want to try it out. They should learn on their timeframe that sharing can reward social experience.

5. Never force them to show affection

When you take your kids to the big family, never suggest your child to give their aunt or grandma a kiss or hug since it probably will make them feel awkward and uncomfortable. Instead, try to suggest their aunt or grandma to offer it instead.


During your interaction with your kids, you might want to ask yourself whether what you are going to do to them will strengthen or weaken your relationship. Sometimes, it might be hard to do so but you can try to picture yourself on your child’s position. Would you like it if your parents do that to you? There are many lists of do’s and don’ts when it comes to nurturing your child, sometimes you need to do a trial and error.

At the end of the day, if you want your child to grow to be respectful, you need to start with your connection with them. You need to be respectful to them first, even though they are far younger than you, and even though they are your child. Because, if you as a parent can’t give them a proper role model, where else can they learn it from?

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