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Did You Know About the Brain Development of Your Children?

When it comes to brain development for your child, most of those developments will happen during their early years in life; more specifically, from their birth to their fifth year. The developments that happen during those times will have a longer lasting impact on their ability in learning and even succeeding in their life.

Most Growth Happens Before Your Kids Even Go to Kindergarten

When they first brought into the world, a child’s brain size is a quarter of the average adult’s brain. However, during their first year, their brain will be doubled in size and continue to grow until it reaches 80% of adult size. That growth will happen when they are reaching their third year; as they reach their fifth year, their brain would have been fully grown and sizing around 90% of an average adult’s brain.

While genes play a big factor in deciding how well a brain could develop, there are also other key factors such as:

  • Nutrition intake during the early pregnancy.
  • Exposure to infections, viruses, or toxins.
  • The child’s interaction with the world and people around them.

It is very important to positively nurture and care for your child’s physical and mental health if you want their brain to develop healthily. Any kind of experience, be it bad or good, will shape up your child’s development and leave a lasting effect on them.

Make a positive relationship with your child

As said above, positive nurture is very important to the brain development for your child. A relationship between a child and the adults around them could be one of the most important key influences for them. This positive nurture should begin at home, with their parents and family. After that, it should continue on to their teachers, child care providers, and other members of the community where they live.

Even when they are still a newborn, young babies are already set up invitations for parents and their caregivers to engage with them by cooing, smiling, and even crying, as this is the only way they knew how to communicate their needs and interests. The parents and other caregivers that responded to those signs of invitation from a baby are responsible for brain development of that child by talking, singing, reading, and playing with those children. By doing so, they are giving opportunities to the child to explore the world while at the same time providing a stable, nurturing, and safe environment.

How to encourage brain development for your child?

There a few ways you could help with the development of your child’s brain, and those are:

  1. Reading

One of the best ways to promote brain development for your child is by reading. It might be a while before they could finally recognize letters or even words, but reading will definitely kickstarts the language and communication skills of your child. By reading the same book over and over again, you will further build recognition between what you are speaking and the images your child sees in the book.

  1. Playing

Another way you can help the brain development of your child is to play with them. This play session can vary from simply singing or engaging in a game of pretend play. Those activities are fostering the imagination and creativity of your child.

  1. Comforting

There will be times when your babies will feel a great amount of stress, and when that time comes, you have to hold and cuddle your baby if you want to give positive development for them. Let your child know that you are there for them and will help them when they feel stressed out.


The first few years of a child’s life is a critical time for their brain development. That is why, we as parents have to pay more attention towards those critical moments. Only by doing so that we could make our child grow into a functional person later on in life.

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