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Did You Know About These Butterflies Fact?!

“Our friendship is like a cocoon. Transforming caterpillar, to beautiful butterfly.” More or less, that is how the lyrics of a certain pop song by Sind3ntosca that boomed back in 2007-2008. What does it have to do with what we are talking about today, you ask? Today is also known as “Learn About Butterflies” day, so let’s talk about some Butterflies’ facts!

The origin of the name

For our first butterflies’ fact, let’s talk about their names! It is hard to really pinpoint where the name came from, or even why it was named after a condiment. There are a few theories though, starting with how witches were said to turn to a butterfly and steal butter, or even how the name is actually “flutter by”. However, even until now, there is no one that could give proper evidence.

They do not bite

Another butterflies’ fact that might not be well known is how butterflies could not eat anything. Not because it is harmful for them, but simply because they could not do it. Adult butterflies can only feed on liquids, and most of the time their diets consist of the sweet nectar from flowers. This is because of their mouthpart that functions more as a drinking straw compared to a mouth.

Get them away from the cold!

While we would associate butterflies with their ability to fly, did you know that their ability to fly can only be used when it is warm? One butterflies’ fact that people might not know is how they need an ideal body temperature of around 30 degree Celsius. However, if the temperature falls to 13 degree Celsius, they would be rendered immobile!

They have a very short life cycle

Let’s talk about a sad butterflies’ fact: their life cycle. Despite going through a lot of things in their life, an adult butterfly would only have around 3 to 4 weeks before they would die. However, their entire life cycle would last around 2 to 8 months, depending on the species. Butterflies that migrate also have a longer life cycle, around up to 7 to 8 months.

Some of them have more than 2 eyes!

Most butterflies have two eyes sitting on their head. However, some others evolve as the time goes by. A few of them even grow eyes on… the back of their wings! Sadly, those extra eyes could not be used to see, and instead are used as a way to distract predators as they looked like the eyes of a bigger animal.

The color of their wings

Our last butterflies’ fact also has something to do with their wings, specifically the color of their wings. There are so many butterflies out there, and each has their own wing colors, right? Wrong! The fact is, their wings are transparent! Those colors we could see on their wings are actually thousands of tiny scales that reflected light in different ways. As they grow older, those scales would fall off the wing and leave behind a transparent spot on the wings.

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