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Do You Like Doing Crosswords? Here Are Why It Is Good!

For many people, crossword puzzles are a great way to pass their time. However, plenty of researchers have discovered that there is a significant link between crossword puzzles and a person’s brain. If it could have a positive effect for adult’s brains, then there might also be benefits of crossword puzzles for kids.

Introducing puzzles to your kids at an early stage will be a good exercise for them. By doing so, their brain will stay active and productive. While there are many kinds of puzzles out there, this time we are limiting ourselves to talk about crossword puzzles and the benefits they have for our kids’ brain.

1. Improves memory skills

One of the benefits of crossword puzzles for kids is that they could help in improving the memory skills of your kids. Doing crosswords is actually a part of brain exercise that focuses on strengthening concentration and cognitive skills.

By doing crossword puzzles, the brain will fire signals to “activate” the area of the brain that handles memory, concentration, and even focus. Not only that, but doing crossword puzzles early in life will also protect the brain from disabling diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

2. Teaching persistence

While solving crossword puzzles, your kids might have to be really persistent. There might be a time where they want to give up, but then they will try to do the crossword again. This habit of not giving up is really good, especially when combined with problem-solving ability.

By letting them do crossword puzzles, they will be able to gauge themselves and find a challenge harder than they could beat. By doing so, they will realize that it is okay for them to fail. When they take a break from doing the puzzles, make sure you encourage them to try again later until they could finish the puzzle.

3. Improves vocabulary

One of the many benefits of crossword puzzles is the simplest: it could help people with their vocabulary. If you introduce your kids to crossword puzzles about animals, jobs, plants, or fruits, they will learn so many new words from the puzzle. That way, they will also remember the name of the items the next time they see them.

Doing crossword puzzles also helps your kids with their spelling. This is because if you misspell a word in crossword, you might not be able to finish the puzzles completely. With enough training, their vocabulary and spelling ability will surely grow.

4. Teaches problem-solving ability

Another example of the many benefits of crossword puzzles are the ability it has to teach problem-solving ability to your kids. When doing crossword, your kids are required to think hard in order to finish multiple solutions that interacts with each other.

The good thing about crossword is that it will force your kids to think strategically, which makes solving even the simplest question feels like a big achievement. You can help your child to strategize and think on how to finish the crosswords, since it will also enhance their skills of reasoning, solutions development, and problem solving.

5. Enhances productivity

By letting your kids play crossword puzzles, you are also helping them increase their productivity. While they are doing the puzzle, their brain will improve in the vital skills, learning, and memorizing things.

It is also said that kids who love solving puzzles are more prone to develop their creativity, and thus will be able to think “outside the box”. It will also teach them how to find solutions by looking at different angles.


Those are 5 benefits of crossword puzzles for your kids. Do your kids love to play puzzles? Other than crosswords, what kind of puzzles do they like to play? Tag us with your kids’ favourite puzzle on Instagram!

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