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Dolphin Facts! Here Are A Few Things You Might Not Know About Dolphins!

Did you know what is special from April 14th? Many people, unless you are a marine enthusiast, might not know that today is also known as Dolphin Day! To celebrate, let’s see some dolphin facts that we might have not known before!

They have their own language

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The way dolphins talk to each other in a very unique way, and that is by making varieties of vocalizations. Usually, if they are trying to talk to each other, they whistle. However, if they are navigating the ocean and trying to find prey, they will instead make clicking sounds. They could also make loud burst-pulse sounds which they would use when they are excited or aggressive. Sometimes, it is also used to reprimand the calves—dolphins kids—when they behave badly.

Dolphins have their own names!

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For our next dolphin fact, you might not know that dolphins actually respond to their own name! Obviously, it is not a name that we could say easily, as it is said in dolphin whistles. This name—that is represented by unique whistles—will stick with them until the end of their life. Usually, the female dolphins would teach their kids about their name even before their calves are born.

Their languages are still mysteries

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Even though we have 2 dolphin facts about their languages, their languages are surprisingly still mysteries to us. There are many studies and records regarding the vocalizations between dolphins for decades, but there are many unknown aspects about their language. Scientists are still trying to break down the individual units of dolphin sounds, and they hope with the advancement of technology they would finally be able to understand the language.

Dolphins are very social creatures

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Through the study by the scientists at Florida Atlantic University, after spending around 6 years tracking around 200 dolphins in Florida, they find out that those dolphins do not spend their time with other dolphins equally! Instead, they would be forming circles of friends and they tend to choose who they hang out with.

The function of their teeth is…

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This dolphin fact surprises even us! We always thought that dolphins would use their teeth to chew on their food, but that is not the case! Instead, their teeth are used to catch prey, and they will then swallow those prey whole. The digestion process for dolphins would occur in a part of their stomach instead.

What is a group of dolphins called?

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The less known dolphin fact is how you address a group of dolphins. They are called pods, and usually would consist of around dozens to hundreds of dolphins. However, there is something called a superpod, in which a group of 1000 dolphins would work together to hunt, care for sick or injured members, and evade their predators. However, this superpod is usually temporary, and will usually occur only in parts of the ocean where foods are plenty.

Learn napping from dolphins

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Our last dolphin fact is about how dolphins are actually excellent nappers! Because of their inability to breathe underwater, dolphins would do power naps instead of long sleep. They would rest one hemisphere of their brain for only around 15 to 20 minutes at a time. However, they are doing those power naps a few times each day, so they can still function properly! 


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