Here are some questions that we thought you would like to know. If you can’t find your questions here, you are welcome to contact us directly at hi@toyuindonesia.com and we will help you as best as we could.


Q : Is it necessary to have an account to shop?
A : Absolutely! We need you to have an account so you don’t have to fill in your address details everytime!

Q : Is my personal information safe?
A : You can check our “Privacy Policy” to see how we will handle your data.

Q : I lost my password!
A : Don’t worry! You can click on the “Forgot your Password” link when you log in and follow further instructions.



: How can I buy your items?
A : You can visit our “How to Buy” sections!

: received the wrong product. Is there any way to solve this?
A : We are sorry for our error! You can refer to the “Return Policy” and we can help you from there.

: can no longer buy a certain product even though I could add them to cart before. What happen?
A : There is a high chance we have stopped producing the items, and we no longer have any stock of that item.

: What kind of payment methods can I use?
A : We accept Bank Transfer, Credit Card, and Online Bank Transfers.

: When will my items be processed?
A : We are trying to process your purchase within the day it was made, unless it happens during non-office hours.

: Can I cancel my orders?
A : Unfortunately, we cannot cancel an order that has been paid.

: Can I add an item after my order has been processed?
A : Unfortunately, you can’t. If you wanted to purchase another item, you have to place a new order for that item.

: Is the price on the site already include shipping?
A : No. You can choose your shipping method during checkout, then our system will calculate the final price.



: Can I track my order?
A : You can track your order by going to your chosen logistic services’ website.

: Why can’t I track my order on JNE’s website?
A : There is a probability that JNE hasn’t input your tracking number to their system. Usually, you can start tracking 1 day after the delivery started.

: How long will it take for my order to arrive?
A : Usually it takes around 1 to 5 working days. You can refer to our “Shipping Policy” page.

: Do you ship worldwide?
A : Yes, we do! However, to do that you might have to contact our Customer Service at hi@toyuindonesia.com or WhatsApp at +62812 966 7215. We’d love to help you!


: I’m interested in your items, can I be a reseller or a dropshipper?
A : Sure! You can contact us on WhatsApp +62812 966 7215 or hi@toyuindonesia.com . We would be more than happy to chat with you!