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Follow These Parenting Tips to Make Your Life as Parents Easier!


Being a parent is hard, especially for a first-time parents. How to be a good parent will always be a topic of discussion, because parents will always face many difficult battles and setbacks as they try to be a decent parent. And for that reason, many of them are trying to find good parenting tips.

However, when it comes to parenting, some parents strive to be the perfect parent and miss out on being a real parent for their kids. Remember, at the end of the day parenting is all about having a solid bond of care, love, attention, and connection with your kids.

That is also the reason why today we will give you a few good parenting tips that can help you bond with your kids. Of course it might be impossible to implement all of them, but you can make an outline and do it your way!


Modeling is one of the best and the easiest way for kids to learn about something. You can show them things you want them to learn, starting from body postures, etiquettes on dining table, certain manners, and basically everything.

This is because kids are actually a very good observer. Whether you realize it or not, your kids will always take note of what their parents and their surroundings do and absorb it themselves. They don’t need to be taught or asked to do that, it’s natural for them.

This is also why as a parent, you should be careful of what you do in front of your kids, because they are like a small camera that will record what we do and keep it as a safe memory before recreating it in the future.

If you want your kids to be loving, caring, empathetic, and show respect to other people, you need to show them those quality first. Let them see you do those things and those qualities will automatically be incorporated in them.

No spanking

Spanking is usually the easiest way for parents to punish their child when they misbehave. However, this should not be the case. While spanking feels easy and fulfilling for the parents to do, it actually brings many bad effects to the child.

In a featured article by American Psychological Association (APA), it’s said that while spanking can work to stop a problematic behavior made by a child, it only works momentarily. Not only that, in the long term it will make the child become much more aggressive. This happens because a child in the end will mimic their parents.

A study published in Child Abuse and Neglect also revealed that kids who were punished physically by their parents, will more likely to use violence to resolve any conflicts between them and their peers or siblings. Since their parents usually use violence to resolve a conflict with the kids, they think it’s normal to resolve conflict that way.


One parenting tips that people seem to forget easily is to let your kids know you love them.

For the kids, love is like a magical force that can keep them happy all the time. There is of course the fear of giving too much love will spoil the kids, but it’s a total myth. It’s only spoiling when that love is overshadowed by too much materialistic goods, ignoring their misbehavior, and being overly protective.

Loving your kids means spending a good amount of time with your child and also listening to them. Rather than giving them expensive goods, express your love with kisses, cuddles, and even kisses. Make sure you are there when they need you the most, so they understand that they can come and speak to you when they encounter a problem or when they wanted to.


In the early days of parenting, new parents will usually try many parenting styles that are different from how they were raised previously. However, even though they will try to distance themselves from their parents’ style of parenting, sometimes they will instead repeat those styles.

Because of this, it’s important to reflect on yourself. Try to observe yourself, and in parallel create a list of what you want to improve. After you finished, try to connect it with the way you do your parenting. That way, you can help your kids to escape what you think is not ideal in you.

What you should take note is changing the way you raise your kids will be tough and difficult. You will have to deal with many trials and errors, but if you don’t give up and keep yourself firm, you will succeed one day.

Focus on your happiness

Another good parenting tips that people tend to take for granted is that parents should also put a focus on their own happiness. Sometimes, in the attempt of being good parents for our children, parents tend to forget their own well-being and their relationship with their partner. While it’s true your partner tend to be much more capable of taking care of themselves, but you should not forget to love them also.

Make it a priority to maintain a good balance between your own happiness, your relationship with your partner, and your child. If there is any slight imbalance between the three, it will be devastating for the child.

Activities to do with your kids

This time, the activity is for you as a parent. According to Diana Baumrind, there are 4 parenting styles that a parent can be: authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and neglectful. Each of these parenting styles have their own positives and negatives. We will give you a few questions for each style, and you can predict which style of parenting you have.


In authoritative parenting style, parents are nice to their kids but still have their own expectations for achievement from the kids. You might be an authoritative parents if you:

  • Listen to what your kids are saying
  • Earn your kids’ respect, not demanding it
  • Try to reason with your children, instead of forcing them to follow you
  • Allow and encourage your kids to be free
  • Setting clear limits to your kids’ behavior



Authoritarian parenting style revolves in parents enforcing their views on the kids. They will force the kids to follow them. You might be an authoritarian parents if you:

  • Don’t allow your kids to talk back
  • Demand your kids to respect you
  • Control the way your kids act and don’t let them ask questions
  • Acts distant from your kids
  • Have a very high standard for your kids



Parents with permissive parenting style tend to let their kids get what they want. You might be a permissive parents if you:

  • Rarely say no to your kids’ demands
  • You do not monitor your kids’ activities
  • You give your kids total freedom to do what they want
  • You treat your kids like a peer
  • You are really responsive to your kids’ needs



Neglectful parenting style is when you are indifferent to your kids’ life. Usually, these parents have their own mental issues they need to address. You might be a neglectful parents if you:

  • Do not demand anything from your kids
  • Detached from your kids’ development
  • You give little to no supervision to your kids’ choice
  • You intentionally avoid your kids
  • You are overwhelmed by your own problems


Share your results with us and write your comments below! Happy parenting!

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