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Fun Facts about Pie!

January 23 2020 might be a simple Thursday for most of us, but in the United States, it is also the National Pie Day! It all started in 1970 by a nuclear engineer in Colorado called Boulder that declared his birthday to be the National Pie Day. Weird? Very! However, that is not the only fun fact about pie that we are going to talk about today, as a celebration of National Pie Day!

  1. Pie is actually older than you think!

In around the 5th century BC, there are already mentions of dishes that resemble pie: small pastries filled with fruit. Not only that, historians traced back the roots of pie back to the ancient Egyptians around 6000 BC. If so, why is the celebration of National Pie Day only started in the 1970s?

  1. It might be the Pharaoh’s favourite

Pies might also be the pharaohs favourite, as drawings of them can be found in the tomb of Ramses II that ruled from 1279 to 1213 BC. The drawings etched on the tomb walls are of nuts, honey, and fruits incorporated in a bread dough, just like modern pie!

  1. Pie might not be its original name

The pastries used for pie were originally used as an edible container if you wanted to eat foods that might be messy or really difficult to eat. In fact, some of the earliest pies are filled with meat, encircled by tall crust walls. The name of the dish? Coffin. Very appetizing fact for our celebration of National Pie Day!

  1. Pies did not originate in America?!

The recipes for pies was a prize of victory claimed by the Romans when they conquered Greece. However, as the Roman Empire grew, the recipe for pies spread all throughout Europe. Only later, the Pilgrim Fathers and early settlers brought those recipes to America, and adapted the recipes to use with the new ingredients around them.

  1. The most popular pie is…?

The reason we could even do a celebration of National Pie Day means that pie as a dish already has a significant presence; which means there are many variants of pies out there. However, according to the American Pie Council, apple pie is the most popular flavor in America. Closely following the apple pie are pumpkin, chocolate, lemon meringue, and cherry pie.

  1. Pie World Record

If we are going to do a celebration of National Pie Day, there is nothing better than celebrating the world record of pies! We have a few world records that would leave you speechless for sure!

The most expensive pie was created in Sydney with a USD $9.500 price tag. The ingredients needed to create that pie were 2 cuts of premium beef, 2 whole rock lobsters, 2 bottles of Penfolds Grange Reserve, and rare winter black truffles. As if those ingredients are not expensive enough, the pastry used to enclose the pie has 24k German gold leaf.

The largest meat pie weighs 10.540 kg, and was made by 17 students from the United Kingdom in 1998. The container used to make the pie was 9.75 m long, 2.32 m wide, and 0.61 m deep.

The most amount of pie slices eaten in 30 minutes is 32, and the record is held by Naader Reda. For context, 32 slices of pie is equivalent to at least 4 pies with 20 cm size. The total weight of those slices are 4.3 kg. Will you try beating Reda as a celebration of National Pie Day?


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