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Fun Thanksgiving Activities You Can Do with Your Kids


With Thanksgiving’s vibe still in the air, it might be a good idea to try doing some fun Thanksgiving activities with your kids. Even though there is no history of Thanksgiving in Indonesia, doing these activities once in a while will feel refreshing.

This time, we have 4 fun Thanksgiving activities you and your kids can enjoy, and those are:

1. Playing with finger puppets

With finger puppets, you and your kids can make up many stories about the life of the puppets. If you don’t have any idea what kind of puppets you want to create, partnered up with Caravan Shoppe to make some printable finger puppets. The one from Alison has 6 animals: a purple rabbit, green hippopotamus, blue elephant, orange fox, gray raccoon, and brown deer.

You can create a lot of situations with the characters that can sharpen your kids’ empathy, tolerance, or even their thinking ability by creating a puzzle story.

2. Make turkey origami

Another fun Thanksgiving activities you can do with your kids is to create a turkey origami! While there are a few ways to create a turkey origami, this time we will use the tutorial made by Origami Resource Center because it’s one of the simpler ones.

To create this turkey origami, you would need two square paper (preferably colored). Below are the steps to make the turkey:

  • Place the first paper like a diamond and fold in the left half and the right half so it looks like a kite.
  • Then, fold it again to create a thinner kite.
  • Turn the origami around and fold it horizontally, so the top meets the bottom.
  • Fold the top point up, around ¼ of it. This will be the head of the turkey.
  • Fold the model in half, and bring the top point up to create the neck. Don’t forget to flip a small portion of the head to create the “beak”.
  • Fold the back part of the turkey (the triangle part) and cut a small slit, then unfold.
  • Get the second paper and pleat it like an accordion.
  • Put the second paper inside the slit made previously, and fan it open to create the tail.

Below are the steps in picture, courtesy of Origami Resource Center. You can also find many other origami trips on their site.

3. Thanksgiving coloring pages has 3 Thanksgiving coloring pages that could be another fun Thanksgiving activities you can do with your kids. As its name suggests, it’s a coloring page with Thanksgiving theme, which means you would need to get autumn colors.

If your kids usually do their coloring with crayons, maybe it’s a good time to try some other way to colors. Teaching them to use watercolor paints is a good idea, or you can also experiment a bit by using oil paint.

While we say you would need to prepare your autumn colors, you can actually let your kids go wild with this coloring pages. If your kids want to color the pumpkin blue, you can let them do that. However, you should also told them the real color of pumpkin so they don’t get confused.

4. Create a thank-you notes

Image taken from Children’s Ministry Deals.

At its core, Thanksgiving is a day about being thankful, and there is no better way to be thankful than saying that expressing the feeling of thankfulness. If you think saying thank you cannot be a fun Thanksgiving activities, you are incorrect.

In order to make it fun, you can give your kids a total creative freedom while making their thank-you notes. They can make it the way they want to. It doesn’t have to be a traditional notes. They want to express their thanks with pictures? Let them draw. They want to express it with poems? Let them write.

The key is letting your kids to do what they want, and only that way can you feel their most sincere thanks. So have a great thanksgiving!

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