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Here Are Some Good Quarantine Habits You Should Keep After the Quarantine is Over!

Today is April 7th, a day that is also known as World Health Day. However, this year’s World Health Day feels very somber, especially with the Coronavirus outbreak in almost every part of the world. However, during these days of quarantine, we are actually learning some good things. Today, let’s see the list of good quarantine habits that we could still apply in our life even after the quarantine is over!

Minimize the number you touch your face

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One of the good quarantine habits that you should apply in your life after the quarantine is over is to stop—or at least minimize—touching your face. Why is it important? Because it is estimated that people touch their faces around 23 times every hour. When you do that with dirty hands, you are exposing yourself to the infections of bacteria and viruses that will love to live in your mucous membranes, which will lead to an infection.

Wash your hands with soap

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Another good quarantine habit that you should keep with you even after the crisis is over is to wash your hands. The reason for this second habit is actually related to the first habit. By washing your hands, you are killing the bacteria and viruses on your hand—especially if you are using soap. However, if you could not find soap nearby, you can use alcohol-based hand sanitizers; even though soap is still preferable.

Stay home when you are sick

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We think there are way too many people that are not practicing this habit out there. Most of us think that if the sickness is not that severe, we can still go to work or school; however that is not a good mindset to have. When you are sick, you are exposing other people to the same sickness as you, and simply by not staying at home, you are endangering them. Maybe your antibody is good, so you did not have severe symptoms, but people out there might not have the same good antibody as you.

Practicing food-handling hygiene protocols

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The next good quarantine habits might not apply to all of us, but instead is applicable for many restaurants or even grocery stores. During this hard time, restaurants are still allowed to open, but they need to practice a much stricter protocol. Those protocols vary, but most of them have their employees keeping their hands clean while handling food. They also start using protective gear such as gloves, masks, hairnets, and aprons while handling those foods.

Keep eating healthy foods

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One of the best good quarantine habits you can keep even after the quarantine is over is eating healthy foods.

UNICEF made a post about the tips to eating affordable and healthy tips on eating healthy during the disease outbreak, and we think that eating healthy foods is one of the good quarantine habits that you should keep even after the quarantine is over. There are a few tips that you could follow and those are:

  • Keep up the intake of fruits and vegetables
  • If you could not find fresh products, swap in healthy dried or canned alternatives
  • Try limiting the intake of processed food
  • Turn cooking & eating into a very fun activity for the whole family


Those are the lists of good quarantine routines that we think you should keep even when the disease goes away. Which of those do you think is the hardest? Do you have your own good routines you are going to share with us? Tag us on Instagram!

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