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Have You Taught Diversity to Your Kids? These Fun Ways Might Help!


In August 2016, it is reported that there are more than 7 billion people living on Earth. With 7 billion people, it is expected for them to have different looks, religions, cultures, and ethnicities based on their geographic location. Sadly, sometimes kids do not have any idea about diversity in the world, so parents have to be the one that guide them.

Many people from around the world migrate in order to try and find a better life. When they move, they will bring their culture with them. As they spend their life there, usually that culture will merge with another culture.

This time, we will give you some tips to teach your kids about the diversity in the world!

1. Watch movies that takes place in a new and foreign country

There are many movies from the classic to modern that could help your kids understand the diversity in the world. Some of those movies are Aladdin that takes place in Agrabah, Jungle Book that takes place in India, Pocahontas that takes place in America is talking about the Native Americans, to Around the World in 80 Days.

Because the movies they watch will feature people different from them, it’s important for you as their parents to accompany them. By doing so, you can explain to your kids if they have any questions about the characters in the movie.

2. Encourage your kids to learn another language

Another way for your kids to learn about the diversity in the world is by encouraging them to learn another language. By learning another language, your kids will also learn that each place has their own different and unique way to communicate. 

If you want to let your kids learn another language, it’s better to start early! This is because before they reach their teenage age, their brains could learn language in a different way. If you need to find out when is the right time for your kids to learn another language, you can find our article about it here.

3. Try eating food from another countries

One easy way for your kids to learn about diversity is through their palate. By letting them eat food from different countries, they can also experience how people from another country prepare their food. This is because food has always been closely related with culture.

One example for this is Chinese cuisine. In China, harmony is a really important trait. That is why their food usually contains every flavor: salty, sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy. This cultural values will stay with their food, even if they have to change their ingredients or taste to fit the taste buds of more people.

4. Read some books about different culture and race

Other than movies, books can also be a good way to teach your kids about the diversity in the world. Here are some recommended books that could teach your kids just that:

Marguerite W. Davol’s Black, White, Just Right!

This book tells the story of a mixed-race child whose Mother’s face is chestnut brown, father’s face turns pink in the sun, and his is a little dark and a little light. His face is just right!

Jackie Valent’s Stinky the Bulldog

In this book, your kids will join the adventure of Stinky, a lovable little bulldog that has just moved to a new neighborhood. Its mama taught Stinky not to judge others so easily.

Arlene Maguire’s Special People, Special Ways

Special People, Special Ways tells the story about a person with disabilities in a positive light. The message is that there are many things in common between people, even though they might look different.

There are many other ways for you to teach your kids about the diversity in the world. However, at the core, what you need to do is to let your kids know that there are many people different from them. We must tell them that it’s okay for people to be different, because that is what makes the world so unique.

Activities to do with your kids

Exploration Questions on Various Cultures

After you accompany your kids watching a movie or reading a book with casts from different cultures, you can ask your kids a few questions regarding the characters. Some of the activities and questions you can do with your kids are:

  1. Points where the character comes from on a map.
  2. Asks your child the following questions (or even more):
    1. What language do they use in everyday conversation?
    2. What do you think their food looks like?
    3. How many seasons do you think they have?
    4. What kind of wildlife do they have there?
  3. If you and your kids don’t know the answers to the question above, explore the answers to those questions using a search engine.
  4. You can also utilize Google Street View to see the landscape of that place in real life.
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