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Here Are Some Fun New Year’s Eve Activities You Can Do!

In less than a week, the year 2020 will come and greet us! Do you have any special activities on that night? Or are you going to spend it at home, watching TVs with your kids? But how about, trying to find other fun new year activities right before you change the calendar?

If you are up for something new, then we can definitely offer some options for you!

This time, we will be giving some ideas and places you can go to if you want to spend your new year’s eve outside of the house.

Watching Fireworks

During the new year’s eve, there will be many places that will try to outdo each other with their fireworks. You can find many shopping malls in almost every corner of the country that would do a special new year’s eve fireworks. However, this time we are going to tell you some places with the best fireworks in Jakarta.

  • Bundaran HI

One place that has always been the spotlight when it comes to new year activities is Bundaran HI. Almost every year, Bundaran HI will make a festival such as musical concert and many other entertainments in order to make a merrier new year. Usually, the main road from Sudirman to Thamrin will be closed, and Car Free Night will be implemented.

  • Kota Tua Jakarta

Kota Tua Jakarta has always been an attraction for both expats and locals. Knowing their own reputation, the Kota Tua area prepared a few events to welcome the new year. If you want to take a stroll, you can also do so, since Kota Tua will implement the Car Free Night during the new year’s eve.

  • La Piazza

La Piazza is one among many shopping centers that hold an event during the new year’s eve. Usually, they will invite a few music artists to perform and make the wait for new year much more entertaining. If you dislike crowds, this new year activity is definitely not for you.

Go to new places

Sometimes, it is hard to fit a schedule to visit new places during the normal working day. However, since it is quite a long holiday with Christmas and new year’s eve, it might be a good day to visit places you have never visited with your family.

In order to do this, you need to first do a basic survey for what place you are going to go to and plan what you are going to do there. If you can, try finding a place that has many tourists attractions but are located near each other. This is to maximize your time, so you will not have to spend it all on the commute.

Culinary Trip

Be adventurous! Instead of going to the restaurant, why not try exploring the traditional dishes offered by the street vendors? You can do this all around Jakarta, or you can combine it with going to a new place you have never visited before with your family.

By going in blind, you might find many surprises. You might even find new favourite dishes among many things you try!


Those are some tips from us regarding some fun new year activities you could do with the whole family. What about you? What activities are you planning for the end of 2019? Tag us on Instagram!

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