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Here Are Some Indoor Activities You Could Do During the COVID-19 Quarantine!

The global crisis that we are facing right now, the COVID-19, forces us to always stay home at all times. When you are stuck at home, it might be frustrating as you cannot do the things that you usually do, and your kids will feel the same as they would not be able to play. For that reason, this time we are going to explore some indoor activities that you could still do at home to make sure the quarantine is not making you stressed out!

Learn some magic tricks

One of the most fun indoor activities you can do with your kids during quarantine is to learn some magic tricks. There are many magic tricks that you can find on the internet, and you could try and learn to do them with your kids. Once the quarantine is over, your kids will be able to brag about their new abilities!

Sort out the toys

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Your kids might have too many toys with them, and both you and your kids never got the time to actually sort them out. Since we are all in quarantine at the moment, it will be a good idea to finally get on sorting your kids’ toys. You can let your kids play with those toys first before they can decide which toys to keep or to be donated to the less fortunate.

Cook with the kids

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You can always do cooking any day of the year, but during the quarantine, it can be one of the best indoor activities you can do with your family. If usually your kids can only eat their food, this time let them help with it! Or maybe, you can make it more fun by using cute mold for cakes or cookies you can make with your kids!

Do some DIY projects

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There are many items you can make with your kids during the quarantine as a choice for indoor activities. We also have some projects that you can make only with items you can find inside the house. Our suggestions are projects you can make with crayons as the base ingredients, or some lovely valentine projects that you can repurpose to share your love with friends and families during this hard and trying time.

Make a show out of their favourite books

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During the quarantine, it might be hard for you to go to the cinema and watch movies with your kids. Rather than finding other ways to watch movies, why not create a “movie” with your kids? Let them pick one of their favourite books and you can start acting it out! It will be a fun indoor activity you can do with the whole family! If you are confused as to what you should do, you can follow what we have written here.

Learn new things with your kids

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In this modern age, learning is no longer limited to school or some other learning institution. Nowadays, you can even learn new skills from the comfort of your own sofa as long as you get an internet connection. With this indoor activity, you and your kids would come out of the quarantine with new skills and knowledge!

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