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Here Are Some Things We Can Do to Fight Global Warming!

Do you also realize that with each day, the temperature is getting warmer than before? If you think it is because of the season, you are not wrong—but you are also not entirely correct.  The reason why you find it warm is because of one thing: global warming. Sadly, if we do not do anything to fight global warming, it will only get hotter from now on.

But is global warming real? Of course it is! It has been proven times and times again that the Earth is getting warmer because of all the greenhouse gases emitted by humans. If we keep silent and do nothing to fight global warming, we will soon be submerged under water due to the melting of ice sheets around Greenland. So, what can we do to stop this?

Use your car less

One of the easiest ways to fight global warming is by reducing the number of emissions, and in order to do that, we can simply use our car less. If you need to go to work, try using public transportation or even a bicycle. By doing so, you are lowering the number of CO2 emitted by your car. Of course, this would not work if only one person did it. However, if everyone starts doing it, we might have a chance against the increasing temperature.

Practice the 3R mantra whenever you can

Another way to fight global warming that people might know about is the 3R mantra: reduce, reuse, and recycle. It is unclear when did the mantra start, but it has become a slogan that people would draw connection to fight global warming. The idea is to reduce the usage of one-time use items; reuse means giving items you no longer use to someone else; and recycle, transforming something into something else.

Use renewable energy for your home!

While we are unable to change the power supplier for our home, we can at least start investing in renewable energy. If you live near a stream, you might be able to use a watermill to gain a small amount of energy. However, the more popular choice for renewable energy is to generate power by using solar panels. It might be expensive, but it will be worth it—and you are contributing in saving the Earth while you are at it.

Fill the streets!

Our country uses democracy as its system of government, which means the people have actual powers behind their words. Because of this, it is very important to let the members of the state (DPR and MPR) realize just how dangerous global warming is. Join the Earth Hour march and fill the street to voice your piece of mind! Make sure the higher up hears, because they are the only ones that could make a definite change.

Join volunteer activities

There are so many movements that try to fight global warming with their usual schedule. There are some that chose to plant trees, while some would do a beach clean-up. Beach clean-up is important to save the wildlife, while planting trees will help as they will absorb CO2 in the air.


Those are 5 ways that we can fight global warming. Remember, one person doing all those things above would not make a difference, so let’s go out there and make a noise! Together, we can push back the effect of global warming!

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