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Here are Some Unique Thanksgiving Tradition We Can Apply During Our Holiday


It’s the week of Thanksgiving, a beloved holiday for people in the United States; a holiday where family gathers and be thankful for many things. While we do not celebrate the holiday, we think it might be a good idea to take some unusual and unique Thanksgiving tradition and apply it on our holiday. We can also celebrate the meaning of thanksgiving during big religious holidays such as Christmas or Eid al-Fitr.


1. Take time for yourself before you spend time with the family


While being with family is an important part of modern Thanksgiving, sometimes it can be exhausting and overwhelming to always be around so many members of the family. That is why some people have a Thanksgiving tradition to take a little time for themselves before meeting up with the main family.

One thing you can do during this time is to take a morning walk with your partner and kids and enjoy the wonderful morning breeze. Or maybe, you can simply make a hot cup of tea or coffee and relax for a while. After you feel like you had enough me time, then you can join the rest of the family for a dinner together.


2. Write a list of things you are thankful for


The first Thanksgiving was a ceremony of thankfulness, where a group of immigrant celebrate the bountiful harvest they had that year. That is why, to embody the spirit of Thanksgiving, nothing is better than writing down things that you are thankful for during the whole year. It does not have to be something so big and wonderful; you can be thankful for the joy of simplicity of everyday life.

While being thankful is not so unusual, sometimes we took our happiness for granted and forget to be thankful about it. For that reason, this tradition can also serve as a way to do some introspection to not take things for granted.


3. Let the kids serve the dessert


While the adults usually prepare foods during a big religious holidays, the kids usually also want in on the fun. That is why some people have a Thanksgiving tradition to let kids be the one serving the dessert. This will give the kids a sense of accomplishment because they helped out and it will also raise their confidence in themselves.

However, if you want to let the kids help out in the kitchen, you should try to keep them away from using knives or using an open fire. You can check out a few recipes we had that your kids totally can help you out with.


4. Do fun activities with your kids


When the big family gathers, there might be times when the kids feel bored because they are not close with the other relatives. When that moment comes, it might be a good idea to do something fun with them to make them feel better.

As for the activities, it does not have to be outdoor activities; you can prepare a board game (traditional or digital) and play with them. However, if you want that fun activities not only about playing games, we have a list of some fun thanksgiving activities you can do together with your kids that you can check out here.


5. Stay connected with family members that live far away


Sometimes, there will be moments when you or other family members can’t come for the family meeting. However, with the advancement of technology, distance is no longer relevant. You can start up any conference application with your phone and you can connect with your family with ease.

It might be a good tradition to prepare a conference call before dinner. That way, you can create an atmosphere that feels like the whole family is all together in one table.


Those are some unique Thanksgiving tradition that we can try to imitate during our big religious holiday. While the idea is to connect with the big family, there should also be a feeling of inclusion for our kids while at the same time not ignoring our own self-love.

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