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Let’s Do Indoor Gardening to Keep Your Minds Busy During the Pandemic!

While Coronavirus is a global pandemic crisis that we should be wary about, it is also a fact that we are trapped in our house until this crisis passes. While it is uncomfortable to be in quarantine, it also means that we have more time to learn many things! For that reason, today we are going to learn one or two things about the basics of indoor gardening!

 Prepare the space

The most important thing about indoor gardening is to prepare the space. The space for the garden is up to you, actually! You can make it as big as you want, or as small as you could afford. In fact, you can even do tomato gardening on a windowsill or on a table! However, large garden would need a dedicated space such as a table or a bench, or you can even use shelves so you can have plenty of room with little space needed. One thing you need to note if you are using shelves is the lighting, which may require separate light for each shelf.

Prepare the light

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We all have learned in school that plants would need light in order to photosynthesize, and they need to do photosynthesize to keep on living. Because you are doing indoor gardening and are in quarantine, it might be hard to get the sunlight, so we can simulate the light by purchasing a glow light. The glow light that you are going to use needs to have the same wavelength as the sun, so you cannot use a regular light bulb.

There are some different grow lights that you can find out there, and if you are new to indoor gardening, it might be hard to choose what you need for your plants. Those lights are:

  • Incandescent lamps are the inexpensive kind of lamps that you can buy in a nursery or hardware store. They are not the best choice for indoor gardens, but if you are only growing houseplants, these lamps would be sufficient.
  • Fluorescent lights are the best if you are doing indoor gardening that does not require a lot of light, so it is a good choice if you are growing herbs. However, they would not be the best choice for plants that are flowering.
  • Compact Fluorescent systems are the newcomer in indoor gardening equipment. They are very efficient and produce less heat compared to incandescent lamps which means they can be placed much closer to the plants without fear of burning them.

Choose your medium!

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If you are doing indoor gardening, you might have to pick a good planting medium or soil. However, the soil you found outside is not a good medium because they are too heavy and contain weed seeds or even insect pets! If you are looking for good media, you can find them in a gardening store.

But do not worry! Soil is not the only way you can do your indoor gardening because you can also try out hydroponics! By growing hydroponically, you are providing the plants nutrients directly instead of using the soil to provide those nutrients. There are a few advantages of growing things hydroponically, and they are:

  • The plants will grow 50% faster because they have easy access to water and food.
  • Plants are growing in a disease-free medium and less likely to be infected.
  • If any of your plants is sick, the disease would not spread to the others.

Now, you know the basics of indoor gardening. All you need to do is to pick the plants you are going to grow, and never forget to water them and give them fertilizer! Happy gardening!

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