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Is Your Kids Spending Enough Time Outside? Here is Why It Is Important!

With the abundance of entertainment inside of the house, it is not strange if you are against letting your kids to play outside at all. It is understandable, after all the outside world is full of scary bacteria, dirt, and mess. But are we right to do that?

According to Angela Hanscom, a pediatric occupational therapist, it is not completely right for parents to do that. If anything, it raises worry for her instead. Because kids are less likely to train their body outside, there are more kids that could not tolerate wind in their face, and even the increase of kids that fall off their classroom chairs.

However, those are not the only reasons why it is important for your kids to play outside. And this time we will give you some reasons why we think it is a good idea to let your kids play outside!

1. Socialization

The main idea of letting your kids play outside is for them to socialise with other kids. Sooner or later, they will have to meet a lot of people in their life, and it is better to let them learn how to work together and make friends.

It is important for your kids to learn things about sharing, cooperating, and treating other people well. After all, they will not always be with you. There will be times where they are thrown into an unknown situation with a few other kids. During that time, it will be very important for your kids to already be able to socialize well.

2. Exercise

Another reason you should let your kids play outside is to let them exercise. It is important for your kids to be active for at least an hour every day. While it is also possible to let them exercise indoors, there is nothing better than letting them play outdoors.

While they are exercising outdoors, make sure you are encouraging them to do active play such as playing with a ball or riding their bicycles. It is the perfect and the best exercise for children. By letting them exercise outside, you can also let your kids take some risks.

3. Risk taking

It is understandable that you as a parent would be anxious when someone told you that your kids need to take risks. Obviously, you want to keep your children safe. But consider this: by keeping them safe, you are taking away their bravery and their ability to face risks later in their life. They would not understand the extent of their ability.

It is true, that letting your kids climb a tree could make them fall and break their arm as a result. However, it does not mean you should not let your kids test their physical ability. They need to learn and understand first hand that failure is important, and in order to succeed they have to fail a few times or more.

4. Sun exposure

While it is true that too much exposure to the sun increases the risk of skin cancer, our body needs the sun, according to a study by M. Nathaniel Mead. However, excessive exposure to the sun only makes up for around 0.1% of life expectancy reduction. In fact, every year there are 3.3 billion cases of life expectancy reduction due to low level of exposure to the sun.

Sun rays are crucial to our body so they can make vitamin D, a vitamin that is important in bone development and immune system. Another unique finding is that sun exposure plays a role in our mood and in healthy sleep. Basically, our body could function better when they could receive the sun rays.

5. Appreciating nature

It is important for our kids to play outside and learn to appreciate the nature around them. At the moment, there are a lot of changes in nature, and it is not in a good way. By not letting our kids get closer to nature, how could they come to love nature?

Let them play in the city woods. Let them dig the soils you think are dirty. Let them see squirrels running around, butterflies flying without any care in the world, or you could take them to the beach and let them meet turtles, starfishes, and many others. The future of our planet lies in the hands of our kids. Let them love those that live on earth, and take actions to save the earth later.

Those are 5 reasons why we think it is important for you to let your kids to play outside. Not only it will help them to be nature lovers and enjoy socialising, it is also important for their health.What kind of activities do your kids love to do outside? Let us know in the comments below!

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