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It’s International Tea Day! Let’s Visit Some Tea Plantation in Indonesia!

Since 2005, many tea producing countries such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia, Uganda, India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia celebrated the 15th of December as International Tea Day.  The celebration was meant to draw the attention of governments and global citizens about the impact of tea trade for the workers, traders, and growers.

Ever since its spread during the Tang dynasty of China, tea has been a recreational drink for many people. There are now various tea beverages with various flavour all over the world. But did you know, that the tea plantation in Indonesia is considered one of the world’s largest tea producers in 2014?

As a way of celebrating this year’s International Tea Day, today we will give you a list of some of the most beautiful tea plantations in Indonesia!

1. Rancabali, Ciwidey

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Among many tea plantations in Indonesia, East Java has always been one of the biggest tea producers. There are many tea plantations around Bandung, but the oldest one is Rancabali that has existed since 1870. This tea plantation is located on the height of 1.628 above mean sea level, which makes the temperature perfect to raise high quality tea leaves.

Not only the tea plantation, this place is close to Ciwidey White Crater and Ranca Upas camping ground. That way, you can also celebrate the international tea day by camping near a tea plantation, all the while staring at the night sky full of stars.

2. Tambi, Wonosobo

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If people were to be asked what is famous about Wonosobo, most of them will answer Dieng, the “country above the clouds” that has a beautiful view. However, that is not all. Dieng also houses one of the most beautiful tea plantations.

In order to fully explore the tea plantation in Tambi, you would need to access Dieng Tourism Area first, then choose the agrowisata tour package. There are standard package up to the exclusive package, and all those package already included tea walk and the process of creating tea.

3. Wonosari, Malang

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This tea plantation has been a favourite tour destination in East Java since a long time ago. That is because this place has many facilities that could facilitate group visit such as office outings or school outings, which makes many schools in Indonesia interested to go to this beautiful place.

If you plan to go here as a way to celebrate the international tea day, you will not only be able to do tea walk, but you can also do other activities such as flying fox or ATV. You can also visit the tea factory, but you need to create a reservation with them first.

4. Kaligua, Brebes

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Kaligua is located right on the west of Mount Slamet foothill, in Brebes, Central Java. This tea plantation has the height of 1500 to 2000 meters above mean sea level. This plantation boasts the freshness of the air and the beautiful view of tea plantation they have.

Other than the tea walk, you can have many other activities such as tea harvesting, the tour of tea factory, tennis field, camping ground, and even outbound games. In total, they claim that they will spoil their visitors with at least 15 facilities!

5. Kemuning, Karanganyar

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If you happen to have a trip to Solo one of these days, make sure you drop by and stop at Karanganyar for a while. There. You can find Kemuning tea plantation located on the slope of mount Lawu. While tea walk is nothing new when it comes to tea plantation, you can find something different here: tea tasting. You are given the chance to try various types of tea planted in Indonesia.

But tea is not all this place can offer you! If you are feeling a little bit adventurous, they are facilitating you with some equipment, so you can do your own river adventure and tubing on the nearby river! However, make sure you come with your friends and family, because the more the merrier!


On this year’s international tea day, make sure you drink the best tea offered by the tea plantations in Indonesia. After all, there are many benefits of drinking tea. So tell us, how do you like to drink your tea? Sweet? With biscuits? Leave it on the comment section below!

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