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Your Kids’ Passion is Yours to Find With These 5 Tips!


Working while following your passion will always be an interesting topic to talk about whenever we talk about a job. But what is passion? By definition, it is a powerful or compelling emotion of feelings. It is a longing for something that you will always find enjoyable. Once people find their passion, some will pursue them wholeheartedly. 

The same thing goes for kids. 

With your children’s growth, they will learn new things. They will also start finding new things that will interest them but it might be unfamiliar to you. What they find interesting might change, but one particular subject will remain the same and usually, that thing is their passion.

As a parent, it is your duty to help your kids find their passion. And today, we will help you by giving some tips that could help you find your kids’ passion.

Read them stories!

Reading to your kids will always be important. However, if you read to them all the time, you might want to start seeing how they react to certain stories. You can ask them how they feel after you read them stories, and whether or not they enjoy those kind of stories. If they do, you can find stories with the same vibe and topics.

It’s not unusual for kids to find their passion through characters inside stories. You might read them a story about a crane that likes to cook, and suddenly your kid asks complex questions about cooking. Or if you read them a story about a rabbit that likes to run in a marathon, and they start asking questions about sports.

Let them feel bored

It’s not rare for us to hear how our kids complain that they feel bored. Rather than giving them something to play, it is completely normal for kids to feel bored! One study done by Sandi Mann and Rebekah Cadman concludes that boredom actually forces people to be much more creative and find ways to be entertained.

During their creative moment when they are bored, you should try to watch your kids closely. It is very possible that this boredom could be the key for them to find their passion in life. Maybe during that time, you will see them drawing, writing, or even reading books.

Take them to your workplace

If the place you work allows you to take children with you, try to schedule one day to do just that. They might not say it, but kids actually love to see what their parents do at work all day. At the office, they might not do much or they might just be sitting on your office watching you, but that’s okay!

By watching you work, they might develop the desire to do the same line of work as you do. Or, maybe they will instead realize they don’t want to do what you did. Either way, it is important to always support your kids in finding out what they are passionate about. 

Sign them up for activities

One choice that might help them find what they are passionate about is sport. It doesn’t matter what they actually choose; it might be soccer, basketball, softball, dance, or even gymnastic, sign them up. Participating in sports have many benefits for the kids, and it might give them new friends that could encourage them to follow their dreams.

Or, if sports is not for them, it’s also a good idea to let your kids dip their toes into the world of art. Maybe you can let them learn how to play musical instruments, or maybe they actually enjoy writing or performing.

Share your passion

There is a possibility that your kids already know what their passion is, but simply don’t realize it. That is why sharing your passion with your kids might allow them to find out about their skills and about their interests.

After all, some passion might be born from the desire to follow in the footsteps of people your kids admire and love!

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