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Let’s Celebrate The World Book Day with this Activities!

Are your children considered a literature junkie? By literature junkie, we mean a person that always wants to read some kind of written work, especially fiction books. If they are, then we have very good news for them! The 5th of March is the World Book Day, a day celebrated by bookworms all over the world. To celebrate, we will try to give you some inspiration for some activities you can do with them at home!

Read and Make a List!

One of the best ways you can celebrate World Book Day is by reading (d’uh)! But we cannot stop there. If your children are used to reading—or you are used to read for them— simply reading on this special day will not cut it. Instead, tell your kids to make a list of books they really love and WHY they love it.

The list your children are creating should not only consist of the name of the book and why they love it. Let your children retell the summary of the story from that book. That way, you are also teaching them how to summarize something they have read. Once they are done, maybe you can encourage them to make a copy of the list so they can give it to their friends.

Make a Show from the Books They Love!

Another exciting activity that you could do to celebrate the World Book Day is to make a show out of the books they love. This can be very similar to how you recreate a movie with your family.

However, this might be a problem if your children are too shy to act like the person in the book, you can both work together to create paper dolls. Once you finish making the puppets, you can ask your children to retell the stories of their favourite book using those puppets. By doing so, they will also learn a very important ability: storytelling.

Find New Books to Read!

If you have many books laying around that your children have been reading again and again countless times, then it is time for them to find new books that they can read on World Book Day! However, why not add a twist to the activities? Rather than simply buying a book, why not try buying a book that is out of their comfort zones?

If your children are used to reading picture books about heroes and historical figures, why not let them try reading about myths and legends? If they are used to reading myths and legends from Indonesia, why not let them read the legends of other countries? After all, this is the World Book Day, a day to celebrate literature from all around the world!

Make a Prose or Poem from Old Books!

For our last activity suggestion to celebrate the World Book Day, it might be a good idea to turn old books that are not being read anymore into something else. For this activity, you can ask your children to make their own prose or poems using old books or magazines that are laying around the house.

One efficient way to do this is by doing a “blackout”. To do a blackout, you would need a black marker and some magazines or old books. Then, pick out words you and your children are going to use, and use the marker to block the other words. While this has no connection to books at all, you are teaching your kids something else on World Book Day, and that is to create a prose and poem.

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