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Let’s Create Your Own Crossword Puzzle!

Crossword is one of the most famous puzzles in the world. There are many kinds of crossword puzzles that you could play, but this time instead of talking about what kind of crossword puzzles there are, we are going to talk about creating crossword puzzles by yourself!

In history, the crossword phenomenon started around 1920s. In 1925, there was even a Punch cartoon about someone called “The Crossword Mania” that calls his doctor in the middle of the night to ask about how he should finish a grid. That is how much people love crosswords. So what are you waiting for? Let’s create one!

Creating the Crossword

The first step in creating a crossword puzzle is to actually create the crossword grid. There are a few steps you can take to create the crossword, and they are:

Decide on the size

If you are creating crossword puzzles for your kids, you might want to create a smaller size of puzzle. However, if you are creating a more official puzzle, there is a strict dimension restriction that you need to follow.

Pick a theme and choose a list of words

When you create a crossword puzzle, usually you will have to pick a theme for the word first. After that, you can start picking out a few words of your choice. If you are making puzzles for your kids, you can start with animals, fruits, or even vehicles as a starting theme.

Put the words on the grid

The hardest part of creating crossword puzzles is when you are putting the words on the grid. Once you have finished putting the words, block the unused squares with black color.

Start numbering the square

The last step of creating a crossword is to put number into each square. Start with the upper-left corner, and divide the words by whether they are vertical or horizontal.

Creating the Clues

Once you have filled the crossword with a list of words you have picked, now is the time to create a clue for the puzzle! While there are many ways to create clues for your puzzle, the easiest way is by using straightforward clues.

What we meant by straightforward clues are the clues that are very easy to write and to solve, one example of this is: ___ Vegas = LAS. Or something like this: What is it that a hen lays? = EGGS. If you are trying to teach foreign languages to your kids, you can also utilize straightforward clues by writing down the words they need to translate to another language.

Another good way to create a clue–especially for little kids–is by using pictures that they recognize. By doing so, your kids will also learn new words they never knew beforehand. However, this method of creating crossword puzzle clues using pictures or images might not be ideal if you are making it for a more advanced or experienced crossword maniac.


Now that is what we can tell you about creating crossword puzzles. Does it help you? What kind of crossword puzzle did you make with our help? Tell us your experience by tagging us on Instagram!

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