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Let’s Do Family Art Projects During the Quarantine!

It might be boring during quarantine and have to stay at home, but let’s make the best out of it! This weekend, let’s make family art projects with our whole family! Not only will it bring out you and your families’ imagination, it will also deepen the bond between all of you! Now, let’s see some ideas we have found all over the internet!

Bubble Wrap Family Art Project

If you want your kids to also be active during the time you are creating your family art project, then this project will be perfect for them! All you need to do is to prepare painted plywood, and coat your kids’ feet with a bubble wrap. Then, paint the bubble wrap with some colors of your choice! All that is left to do is to let your kids walk around on the painted plywood! There are also many other activities you will have to do with your kids before you get a beautiful art project!

Hands and Hearts

This second family art project that you could do with your family is inspired by Andy Warhol. Most of Warhol’s painting includes repetition of the same pictures with only little difference with each of them. That is why on this project, all you need are painted backgrounds with different colors that you could make with sponges. Then, paint a handprint and put a heart symbol in the middle of the hand! Then, let your kids decide how they want to arrange it.

Life-Sized Portrait

IMG 3473

The first thing you need to do in this project is to prepare a very big piece of paper so your kids can trace themselves on the paper. Once you and your kids are done tracing, you can start adding the fine details on the portrait using pencil. Then, it’s time for the fun part: the coloring!  There are many ways to color the image, and in the example, they are using watercolour paint. However, you can also use crayons to make the drawings more appealing!

Family Murals

Have you ever seen murals? They are a piece of art so unique because they are painted directly to a wall or ceiling. However, it might be very hard to find a wall that you can use to make a mural, so you can do it on a very big piece of paper. Once you have prepared the paper, you can start drawing some shapes with your kids but make sure the shapes are not touching one another. Once you are done, you can start coloring those shapes and connect the shapes using a black line drawn from each shape!

Family Drawing Doodle Game

Did you know that for your family art project, you can also make it fun for the whole family? You can do this project with the whole family, because the idea is to pass one person’s drawing to the other people! All you need to do is to set a 30 seconds or 60 seconds timer. Once the timer rings, you should pass the drawing to the next person. Continue doing so until at least 5 or 10 minutes has passed and you will end up with a unique drawing made by the entire family!

Have fun being artistic!


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