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Let’s do Simple Workouts as Family!

Do you have plans to do with your kids every weekend? If not, then maybe we could give you an idea for a weekend routine you could do: simple workout with your kids called exercise play!

What is exercise play? In simpler words, exercise play is an exercise you can do with your kids, because exercise with them should be fun, and the term “working out” sounds too serious. This term is coined by Ewunike Akpan, a certified personal trainer that is also an associate manager of the mid-Atlantic region for Build Our Kids’ Success (BOKS), a school-based fitness program that aimed at elementary and middle school kids.

Now, let’s see what are the simple workout with your kids that Ewunike recommends as a part of exercise play.


One of the easiest and simplest forms of exercise is running. Kids can do this activity either indoors (in a gym, or running around a big round table) or outside (in the park or a field). However, simply running might be boring, so it might help to spice things up a little bit. Try a variation of running with their feet very close to the ground (fast feet) or high knees by lifting their alternating knees until it reaches the same height as their chest.


Squatting is a simple workout that will build leg strength and will give good foundations for the kids as they do all other kinds of fitness and sport activities.In order to do so, all you need to do is simply bend your knees! Other than squat, you can also make them do forward, backward, and sideways lunges in order to complete the exercise. You can also make them hop when they stand up between each squat.


There are many jumping exercises that will not only be easy, but fun for the kids. Some of them are:

  • Hurdle hops: To do hurdle hops, all you need to do is to jump side-to-side or front-to-back while pretending that there are hurdles you need to avoid.
  • Criss-cross: Criss-cross is a little bit more complex because you have to cross one of your feet in front of the other, and switch feet on the next jump and so on.
  • Jumping jacks: To do jumping jacks, you have to stretch both your arms and legs to the side and make a star. As you land after a jump, make sure to return your arms to the sides and legs to the center.

Sit-ups & Push-ups

Another simple workout you can try with your kids will make them to get down to the floor for basic exercises that will train their core, and those are sit-ups, push-ups, and planks. Push-ups and planks will be able to help your kids strengthen their upper bodies, so make sure you do a few repetitions of them!

Finish with stretches

After your kids finish doing the simple workout we have prepared for them, make sure to follow up with stretches for a few minutes. This is very important to make you get into a much more relaxed state after their workout. Happy working out!

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