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Let’s Do Storytelling Through Photograph!

There is a proverb in the English language that says “a picture is worth a thousand words” which basically means that a single image might deliver a complex or multiple ideas within the theme. The idea might confuse some people, so that is why today we are going to talk and learn how to do storytelling through photographs!

  1. Plan it out!

If you are planning to do storytelling through photography, the most important thing before you start pressing the shutter button to your camera is to plan it out. When you are planning your photo(s), you should write down the topic that you want to convey to other people, research about that topic, and only then you can plan the shots you are going to make.

  1. Is it a series or is it a single photo?

When you are trying to do storytelling through photography, when you are done with your planning, you need to decide whether you would like your story to be frozen in a single photograph or a series of photographs. Both have their own strength and weakness, and if you think a single photograph would not be able to tell a story, you need to see some single photographs taken by Jill Freedman.

  1. Trust your instincts

During your walk trying to find a good shot for your storytelling project, you might find a time where you are taking a photo of something, but then another thing comes and disrupts your shots. However, you think that the disruption would also make and tell its own great story. When things like that happen, you need to trust your instinct! Take the latter photo, because most of the time, chances do not come twice.

  1. Take stronger shots

No, we did not mean that you should press the shutter button harder. For our 4th point, we mean that the photographs you took should have some kind of emotional impact on the people looking at it. However, one thing that you should note is that a picture can have no human element and is still emotional for your viewers.

  1. Never lose hope!

If you would like to do storytelling through photography, you need at least the basic knowledge of two things: photographs and storytelling. Both of those skills are not something that everyone has, and it would take time to learn even about the basics. That is why, during your hunt to create a good story with photographs, you might meet some failures. But that is okay! Keep trying and keep failing, until eventually you will be able to take a good photo that tells a good story, so you can tell yourself “Oh, I love this photo”.

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