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Let’s Get to Know the Benefits of Learning Poetry!

March 21st this year is Saturday, but it is also the World Poetry Day! It is a day that has been celebrated by the United Nation since 1999. One of the reasons why the United Nation celebrated this day is to promote the teaching of poetry. Why? Because there are benefits to learning poetry!

It encourages your child to expand their vocabulary

Among many benefits to learning poetry, the one that we think will have a direct benefit to your children to expand their vocabulary. With poetry, children will not only learn about letters and phonics by trying to find rhyming words, but it will also expose your child to many words they might not have heard before.

However, that is not the only benefit to learning poetry. A poem can always be used to teach your children about parts of speech, sentence structuring, and many other grammar skills, especially because teaching grammar could be really tedious and boring. However, if you are using poems, you can teach your kids in an engaging way.

It could inspire your kids to the world of writing!

If you want your kids to be capable in writing, then learning poetry is one way they can do that. When you are teaching poetry properly to your children, you will have to teach how poems are constructed and about the words inside of that poem. With poetry, someone will have to learn how to combine words in order to create meaning and context, and how to choose the words that would fit right with the remaining part of the poems.

Moreover, when you are breaking down a poem as a part of learning poetry, you will also teach your children about how a writing piece would come together. They will have to learn about putting words in a particular order, and learn how to follow a pattern. As you teach them more about poetry, your children will in time learn about writing in other styles.

Learning poetry will make your children be more creative

Knowing how to write is not enough when your children are learning how to write poems, because poetry is also a form of self-expression. By writing a poem, your children will learn to give form to their feelings, while reading a poem will encourage them to connect to that poem and find meaning about the poem in their own way.

Learning poetry also promotes a healthy coping mechanism for your children, in which they can start writing about their feelings instead of throwing a tantrum to people around them. The more they learn about poetry, the more they will be capable of putting their feelings into words, in a way they had never known before.


Those are three reasons as to why you should let your children learn poetry as a way to celebrate the World Poetry Day today! Do they have their favourite poems? Do you have a favourite poem that you want to read to them? If you do, tag is about your experience in reading those poems to your children to us on Instagram!


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