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Let’s Have Our Own Singing Show Competition At Home!

Do you and your children love to sing? Have you ever got the desire to enter a singing competition on TV? If you answer yes to any of those questions, then we have a good idea for you to do this weekend: hold a singing competition show at home with your family!

In order to do a singing competition show with your family, we would need to know how a singing competition on TV is. For that reason, we will look at Idols, a franchise TV competition from the UK that used to be really famous even in Indonesia, and how we can implement it for our show at home!


It might be hard to hold auditions if we are going to make our own singing competition show at home because usually it will take a lot of time and will have a lot of people joining the auditions. However, not all is lost. We can simply record each and every “competitors” for our singing competition and play it on the family TV.


The second stage of the auditions is the theatre round, in which the competitors will perform in three sub stages. During this stage, every competitor must memorize a song selected by the judges and choreograph together with the others. We can use this in our own singing show competition by preparing what songs we would like our family sing.


Once you have finished the theatre round, it is time for the semi-final. During the semi-final, competitors will be divided into groups and sing the songs of their choice. In the original show, this round will have 18 to 50 participants. However, since we are making our singing show competition at home, we would not need that many numbers of participants. We can simply make a few groups by mix and matching everyone, so they all get more than 1 chance to sing.

Live Shows

Live shows are the meat of the singing competition show—especially the Idols. Each week, every contestant will have to sing a song that follows a certain theme such as “David Foster Night”, or “Malam 2000-an” or something similar. This part might be the easiest part for us to copy in our singing show competition at home, because all we have to do is to pick a theme and the competitors will have to pick their own song that will fit the theme.

Grand Finale

The grand finale is the pinnacle of the Idols as a show, and usually is the time where the show got the highest rating. Usually, this part will be held in a prestigious location such as the Ecovention Ocean Ecopark or Hall D2 JIExpo. However, since we are doing it at home, there is no need to find a prestigious place. Even so, it might be a good idea to try and sing outside the house (such as a park or something).


Now that we have figured out the stages of Idols, we can use their formula to make our own singing show competition at home. The key factor if we are going to make our show a success is to have fun, and make the competition into a friendly competition with small participation prizes such as pizza or something else that can be enjoyed by the whole family!


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