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Let’s Have Some Delicious and Unique Tea Recipes!

Tea is a drink that almost everyone can enjoy any time of day. However, sometimes it might be boring if you only drink the same tea over and over–at least, we do. That is why, this time we are going to share some unique tea recipes that you could try to make by yourself at home!

Apricot Lemonade Iced Tea

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No matter if it is the rainy season, a glass of iced tea is always welcome. However, this unique spin of iced tea recipes will bring the freshness of an iced tea into a new height by combining apricot nectar and mint into it.

The best part of this recipe is that it is easy to make! To create 12 cups of tea, all you need are 4 cups of water and 7 bags of tea. There are also other ingredients like frozen lemonade concentrate and chilled apricot nectar. Do not forget to put some mint sprigs to give that strong stinging mint flavor!

Slow-cooker Chai Tea

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Since lately it has been raining a lot, maybe it is time to make a variation of hot tea. And that is what this recipe will be. This tea has a sweet and spicy aroma as it cooks inside the slow cooker, that will surely make you wait in anticipation.

However, you might have to wait for at least 8 hours before you can finally drink this wonderful beverage. You need to cook the tea on low heat for 8 hours together with a bag filled with spice that is written on the recipe. However, we can assure you that it is worth the wait!

Holiday Wassail

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Wassail is hot mulled cider, usually drunk as a part of medieval Christmas drinking ritual. How fitting! Later this month, we will also be celebrating Christmas, so making this recipe is a good idea!

In order to create this warm and sweet drink, it would take around 15 minutes. We would also need 4 cups of hot brewed tea and a few variations of juices such as cranberry, apple, orange, and lemon. Also, we should not forget about the cinnamon sticks! It is easy to make, and will definitely warm up the coldness of Christmas night!

Bella Basil Raspberry Tea

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Let’s try something different with our iced tea recipes this time. Rather than just having a nice cold iced tea, we should try giving it more kick by adding carbonated water in it! With only 45 minutes of preparation time and chilling, this tea will definitely be a good alternative for any of you who got bored with drinking traditional tea.

Not to mention, you do not need too many ingredients to make this wonderful tea recipe. All you need is some raspberries, some black tea, a bottle of carbonated water, and other additional ingredients like basil leaves, lime juice, and sugar. This tea can be a good choice for the youngsters during the christmas family gathering.

Sweet Tea Boysenberry Shandy

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Your kids are all asleep, and now it is time for the adults to have their own drinks. This tea recipe is a unique combination between ice-cold beer and sweet tea combined with some boysenberry flavoring to enhance its flavor.

It does not take a long time to prepare this drink. For preparation, it would take around 10 minutes and 5 minutes of cooking. Then, you can chill it for a few minutes before you “crack open a cold one” with the other adults. However, do not forget to stir the beer later, once it is cold, and remember to drink responsibly!


Those are our picks for some unique and delicious looking tea recipes. Which one is your favourite? Do you have your own unique recipe? If so, let us know about your creation in the comment section below!

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