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Let’s Introduce Sport to Your Kids!

Did you know that in Australia, only 6 out of 10 children between 5 and 14 years old participated in sports? This number is really worrying, because actually there are many benefits of sport for your children, and those are:

  • It greatly reduces the risk of obesity
  • It increases your children’s cardiovascular fitness
  • It will improve their social skills
  • It will improve their sleep
  • It greaters their ability to relax physically and avoid the complications of chronic muscular tension
  • It also improves their balance and coordination

It is really important for your kids to participate in sports, because by reducing inactivity in your kids, you are also increasing the energy levels in them. One way of doing so is by letting them do sports. That is why, this time we are going to tell you some sports that your kids might be interested in.


While many people would argue whether or not trampoline would count as a sport, we think it might be a good choice of sport for your children. However, the trampoline we are talking about here is not limited only to jumping around, but your kids can also do wall climbing and even doing some slam dunks!

The place that we are recommending today is Bounce Street Asia, a place that offers a limitless possibility for your kids to bounce around. This place is located in North Jakarta, or in Jalan Sentra Bisnis Artha Gading Blok D, to be precise. They also have Bouncing School if you want your kids to play trampoline as a routine.


Did you know that swimming is one of the best choices of sport for your children? Swimming is an all-around activity, because it can help your kids tone their muscles and build up their strength. Swimming will also provide an all body workout because your kids will use most of their muscles during their swimming session.

There are many places you can take your kids for swimming, some of them are:


Football is one of the most popular sports in Indonesia, and it might be a good choice of sport for your children. In Jakarta, there are many football schools, and one of them is Brazilian Soccer Schools that is located in many places in Jakarta. There is one in North Jakarta, West Jakarta, South Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, and even Bandung.

In Brazilian Soccer School, your kids will be taught the brazilian way of doing football, which they dubbed as Futebol de Salao. Your kids will train in the style of Ronaldinho, Robinho, and Neymar. They will also utilize Samba music during the training session, so it will be more fun and expressive.


Archery is considered as a sport that has the most benefit. One of them is strength building, because your kids will have to use all of their body components during the training. Your kids will also experience an improvement in their hand-eye coordination, as aiming and firing the arrow increases their focus.

One institution that offers archery lessons is Jakarta Archery Club that has 2 locations in Jakarta. In East Jakarta, they are located in Pulo Gadung, while in Central Jakarta they are located in Senayan.


Equestrian or horseback riding is one of the most unique choices of sport for your children. However, many people might not know the benefit of choosing horseback riding as a sport. Equestrian will develop your children’s core strength, encouraging them to trust others, and will let them exercise their mind.

If you are interested in picking horseback riding for your kids, Arthayasa is ready to offer you their service. However, there is an age limit: your kids have to at least be 7 years old to be able to learn how to ride horses correctly.


There are obviously many other choices of sport for your children out there, but we picked five of the most popular and unique sports out there. Hopefully with this, you can choose the best sport that your child could also enjoy!

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