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Let’s Make Gift for Grandparents With These 5 DIY Projects!

Many people underestimate the importance of grandparents, even though grandparents are really important in the life of children. Grandparents could be another role model for your children. Not to mention, because they are detached from the stressors of daily lives, they can approach your children in a playful manner. That is why, this time we are going to see some DIY projects that your kids could make as a gift for grandparents!

However, you might need to remember that most of these DIY ideas are very simple. After all, we would like their grandparents to accept gifts that came directly from our children, right?

  1. Love Canvas

For our first DIY projects, it will be a simple LOVE canvas made by your children. Your task here is to provide them with blank canvases, acrylic paint, paint brushes, and washable finger paints. The paint will be used to make the base color of the canvas. If you follow the link above, they are making it in red and purple, but you are free to pick any colors be it your children’s favourite color, or their grandparents, because this will be a gift for grandparents from your kids!

  1. Grandkids Picture Sign

DIY Grandkids Picture Sign

The next gift that your child could give to their grandparents might need some help from you personally, because they would have to take some photos along with their cousins. To help them, you would need to buy some wooden boards and wood glitter letters. Then, help them by gluing those wood glitter letters and clothespin on the wooden board. Finally, let them pick which photos they would make as a gift for grandparents!

  1. Sunshine Footprint Art

If you think we are done with the footprint painting, you are completely wrong! For the next gift for grandparents, you might need to once again color your child’s foot and once again make them stomp on a large blank canvas. Use their footprint to create the rays for the sun, then let them write their personal message for their grandparents.

  1. I Love You List

The above link has very simple, yet powerful printables that your kids can make into a simple gift for grandparents. It is a card titled “I love you because…” On the cards are a few statements with blanks that your children could easily fill and give to their grandparents. We are sure that once their grandparents see what your child has to say about them, they will all be left in tears (the happy one, of course!)

  1. Birthday Calendars

For this last DIY gift for grandparents, you will probably have to do all the work, but you would still need to let your child be the one giving it to their grandparents. The idea behind this DIY project is really simple: to create a board with the list of birthdays of all the children and grandchildren of your child’s grandparents. Why do you need to help? That is because you would need to drill a few pieces of wood on the way!


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