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Let’s Make Our Own DIY Board Games at Home!

When it comes to family gathering during the weekend, what do you usually do? For this weekend, how about making your own DIY board games to play with the whole family? Making a board game for the family is not as hard as it sounds, you know! In fact, this time we are going to give you SIX board games inspiration that you could make yourself at home!

DIY Harry Potter Monopoly

When it comes to board games, usually we would think of Monopoly, and that is what our first DIY board game would be! However, creating this board game needs a lot of work. You need not only to replace all the cities on the board to something that is of Harry Potter origins, but you also need to redesign all the cards that you would need for the game.

LEGO Chess Set

If you are tired from all the efforts used on our first DIY board game, then our second will allow you to rest a bit! This time, we are going to use LEGO pieces to create our own version of chess! You would need at least 64 small square base plates in which half are black and the other half are white. Then, you can use either characters or other parts as the chess pieces.

LEGO Game Directions

Using other LEGO pieces, you can create a LEGO game that would have a rule like a snake and ladders. All you need are mini figures that you will use as characters and 20 LEGO pieces each person. Throw the dice and move the figures around until one of you would finally pass the finish line. As a twist, put some directions on some spaces to spice up the game!

Don’t Wake the Shark!

Have you watched Finding Nemo with your family? If you have, this particular DIY board game might be inspired from that movie! This is basically a memory pairing game but there is a twist! If any of you flipped over a shark, your next turn will be skipped! The goal of the game, just like the movie, is to find the pair of clown fish hidden among the other fishes!

DIY Guess Who?!

“Guess Who?” is a character guessing game created in 1979 and is now owned by Hasbro. However, sometimes they might not have the version you wanted! For that reason, this time we are going to make our own DIY board game of “Guess Who!” You can replace the faces on the board with characters from cartoons or from games to make the experience more enjoyable!

Funny Bunny Face Game

After a complicated DIY board game we put on our list before this one, next we are going to make something that is much easier. All you need is to print the Funny Bunny Faces, a dice, paper, and pencils. To play this game, each of your family will take their turn to roll the dice. This dice will decide which style of cheeks, face, nose, eyes, mouth, hairs, and ears that you should draw on your bunny! 

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