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Let’s Make Your Own Talk Show with the Family!

Are you or your kids a fan of talk show programs on TV? Have you ever wanted to star in a talk show program? Then, why not have fun with the concept and make your own talk show with your kids as the host and you as the celebrity guest!

There are a lot of talk shows on TV, and it might be hard to pick only one show to imitate. That is why, this time we are going to take some basic segments that are popularized by many evening talk show hosts such as David Letterman or even Ed Sullivan. Those segments you could use as you make your own talk show are:

Act 1: Monologue

Usually, the monologue segment of a talk show will be talking about the current situation of the world. However, for your own talk show, you can change this part maybe with the knowledge your kids know from their encyclopedia or let them tell the story of a picture book they know about.

However, make sure the concept of the segment is still unchanged: let your kids talk by themselves in front of the camera. Not only will it be interesting to see what they could talk about, it will also plant the seed of public speaking in them.

Act 2: Comedy Bits

After the monologue is finished, usually comedy bits or sketches will follow. The comedy bits will usually still be related to what is said during the monologue. However, it might be hard for your kids to make their own comedy bits. For that reason, it is okay to accompany your kids in writing the script for this segment of your own talk show!

Act 3: Celebrity Interview

YOU are the celebrity on this talk show you are making with your kids! If you want to, you can help your kids in formulating what kind of question they would ask you. However, the hardest part is to keep the conversation going after they ask you a question.  Try to keep the conversation flowing by saying things that could be related to the question!

Usually, a talk show would have at least 2 celebrities as guests. If you want your kids to experience the authentic talk show experience, then you can ask your partner and other children to join in! By doing so, there will be much more variety in the questions and answers that all of you can have!

Act 4: Stand-up Comedy from the Guest and Signoff

If the opening has your children as the host of your own talk show doing the monologue, for the closing one, it is your turn to take on the stage! If the talk show you are creating with your kids has more than one guest, maybe all of those guests can work together to create comedy bits. Or maybe, the three of you can play games before the start of the 4th segments. Then, the winner will have to be the one that closes the show.


: 400;”>There are many other ways if you want to make your own talk show at home with your kids. You can start by researching the segments of your favourite show first, and then recreate those segments with your kids. And remember! It is only a show because someone recorded it and played it on TV; that is why, record the moment you play with your kids and let them watch it later on! 


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