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Let’s Play Outdoors with Your Kids! Here Are Some Outdoor Activities You Can Do!

We all know that kids would prefer to stay inside playing computer games and watching Netflix rather than playing outside. 

However, did you know that playing outdoors is necessary for their growth?

According to an article from a blog about early childhood education, there are many benefits a kid could get by having sessions of outdoor play, and some of them are:

  • It could improve your kids’ physical development
  • It could increase their imagination
  • It could make them appreciate nature and gain knowledge about it

That being said, it might be hard to compare how fun playing games at home or watching their favorite shows with playing outdoors. That is why, today we will give some fun things to do with your kids to play with outside of their room!

Rock painting

Rocks are everywhere, and most of the time they look rather boring. Lucky for us, their boring looks can be a stepping stone for our kids to unleash their imaginations. Give some painting equipment to your kids, and let them find some rocks to paint with.

Build a stone tower

You could combine this activity and the rock painting to create a fun playing outdoors session. This time, you can accompany your kids to find some rocks and build a tower out of those rocks. If you decide to combine this activity with rock painting, you can up the difficulty by having them build a tower only by using different colored rocks.

Water balloon fight

To create the water balloon, all you need to do is simply fill a balloon with water and tie it tightly. This activity can be done in your backyard or on a park. Just make sure you have enough space and you will not bother anyone. After all, this activity will have you throw water balloons to your kids and vice versa. Remember, bring some towels for after you finished playing!

Water balloon “Angry Birds”

You can combine the water balloon activity with the stone building activity. In this new activity, instead of throwing water balloons at each other, your kids can throw their water balloons at certain targets. You can up the difficulty of this session of playing outdoors by limiting the amount of water balloons your kids can use to hit the targets.

Scavenger hunt

Go out to the park together with your kids while you bring a list of items. Once you arrived at the park, give the list of items to your kids and let them have their own small adventure to find the items you asked for. Of course, you can accompany them, but you should not tell them if you see the items they needed to finish the scavenger hunt!

Treasure hunt

This activity is a little bit different than scavenger hunt. If in scavenger hunt your kids have to find sets of items randomly, in treasure hunt you can give your kids a map (or a vague map, depending on how difficult you want the session of playing outdoors be) so they can go there and try to find the treasure.

Create an adventure scenario play with your kids

If you notice, all the activities above could be arranged into a quite long and engaging session of adventures. Create engaging stories with your kids. Make them a knight or an adventurer that tries to save a kingdom, a princess, or just searching for treasures.

You can use the painted rock tower as an “enemies” that stands in the way of your kids’ journey. Give them an option to defeat the enemy, or talk and befriend those enemies. By doing so, not only you are creating an imaginative session of playing outdoors, but you are also letting them know that dialogues could also solve conflicts.


So, what kind of outdoor activities do you like to do with your kids? Let us know by leaving comments in the comment section below!

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