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Let’s See Some Way to Deal with Bullies!

Bullying is a big case in Indonesia. Sadly, not everyone is equipped well on how to handle the bullying, be it the parents or the kids. This is why today we are going to tell you how to deal with bullies as a parent and as a kid!

Dealing with bullies (for kids)

Bullying will cause your kids to not want to go outside to play or even go to school. It will be hard for them to focus on their study while they are thinking on how to deal with bullies that keep harassing them. For your kids’ convenience, it might help them doing these things below:

Do not give them a chance

One way to deal with bullies is by not meeting them at all. Your kids should avoid those bullies as much as they can, such as taking a different route.

Feel confident!

Another way to deal with those mean kids is to make your kids feel confident of themselves. Usually, when they feel confident they will feel braver, and that might scare the bullies away.

Ignore the bullies

There is nothing more frustrating for the bully when they could not get their desired reaction out of your kids. That way, ignoring them might be the best way to deal with bullies.

Tell an adult

If there is something your kids could do to make sure the bully stops, it is by telling adults. Tell your kids that when someone bullies them, they have to find someone they can trust and tell what happened.


Dealing with bullies (for parents)

When your kids tell you that they are bullied at school or where they play, we understand that you might be very furious. However, showing your explosive anger in front of your kids is not a good way to deal with bullies. Instead, it might scare your kids away from you. Instead, you might want to try these things below:

Make a list of response

One way to deal with bullies is to create a list of responses your kids can use to tell those bullies to stop. The responses you are putting in the list should be simple, direct, and firm, but they should not be antagonizing. One example for this is “Back off!”

Build their confidence

Another way is to make your kids feel better about themselves. This can be done by encouraging their hobbies, getting them into social situations, or even extracurricular activities that can bring their best qualities.

Partner with your school

As a parent, you could not expect the staff in your kids’ school to know each and everything that happened there. You should make them aware of what is going on, and work together to solve the bullying on a more massive scale. Maybe, you can even start implementing anti-bullying programs at the school.

Contact the bullies’ parents

One of the best things you can do to deal with bullies in a way that your kids could not is by contacting the parents or guardians of those bullies. You can call, e-mail, or ask the school to facilitate a meeting between the two of you.

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