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Let’s Start Your New Year the Right Way!

Usually, the New Year’s party is an event for the grown ups. However, what if we try and do the new year party with our kids this time around? Not only are we celebrating the new year, but we are also celebrating the new decade! However, since we are going to celebrate with our kids, we have to make sure that we are starting a new year the right way!

Unlike adults that are already quite jaded, kids are really fascinated with the passage of time. They are also really fond of the idea of starting fresh. That is why, this time we are going to give some simple, and yet powerful ideas for you to start the new year with the kids around!

Make New Year’s resolutions

In order to start the new year right, it is important to make a goal for the year. Many people think that New Year’s resolution will not change anything and will only fail in the end, but most of the time it is due to how the goals they set are very vague. That way, not even the new year momentum could help. If you want to make a new year’s resolution, make sure you create one that is very precise. Break it down into several phases and start working on it little by little.

Take a photo together

We know that many people do not really like having their photo taken, and your kids might be one of them. However, taking photos during the new year has a deeper meaning behind them: it could act as a way to see how everyone is changing from year to year.

Start the year full of love and appreciation

If you want to start the new year right, there is nothing better than sharing the love and appreciation everyone had for the last year. Sit down together during breakfast or lunch, and let everyone tell you about what they appreciate about each other, about the last year, and most importantly about themselves. Not everything has to be perfect before you can appreciate them.

Leave behind the past

The new year is the start of a new page in everyone’s book. How can you start a new page if you still carry baggage from the previous year? To even further the symbolism, you can ask everyone to write down what they would like to leave behind and burn them together.

Allow your kids to stay up until the date changes

The new year party is a once a year event, so it might not be so bad to let your kids stay up a bit late. However, if you think that it is a bad idea for your kids tomorrow, at least give them more time to stay awake and spend more time with you.


Starting the new year right with your family will feel different. After all, usually we will be too busy with our work to spend enough time with our kids. That is why, during this new year, you should spend it as much as you can with your family.

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