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Let’s Teach Our Child the Importance of Preserving the Wildlife on Earth!

The 3rd of March is a special day for wildlife all around the world, as it is also celebrated as the World Wildlife Day. However, as global warming makes the Earth warmer every day, it also makes some of the wildlife vulnerable to extinction. For that reason, let’s teach our child the importance of preserving wildlife all around us.

Teaching our child about the benefits of conservation is one of the best ways to make sure the next generation would be able to do what we could not: valuing the act of conserving and preserving wildlife that lives near us. Thankfully, if we want them to learn the importance of preserving wildlife, there are some easy way that you could do, and those are:

Plan a Visit to the Zoos, Aquariums, Safaris, or Botanical Gardens


One of the best ways to teach our child about the importance of preserving wildlife is by letting them see those wildlife first. You can try visiting a zoo or botanical garden that offers your child with the knowledge about those wildlife. As a quick tip, you might want to sign up for a group tour first, so you can have a tour guide that makes the trip much more informative compared to going there alone.

Gift Them Encyclopedias about Wildlife
A single visit to the facilities said above will not be enough. If you think your kids might have an interest in wildlife, it might be a good idea to give them encyclopedias about wildlife as a gift. Inside those encyclopedias, they will learn more about animals and plantations, and that way, they might grow more care about those wildlife.

Let Them Watch Documentaries Show
If you want to teach your kids about the importance of preserving wildlife, you should try letting them watch documentaries about nature and its wildlife. National Geographic has their own nature documentaries playlist that you can find here. Meanwhile, there are also some good documentaries you can find on Netflix, and some of them are:

  • The Ivory Game, a documentary made by Leonardo DiCaprio where he exposes the corruption inside a global ivory trafficking network.
  • 72 Cutest Animals, a series that examines the cutest and adorable animals and how they survive in a variety of environments.
  • Mission Blue, a documentary about the ocean and how they are under constant threat such as overfishing by many fishers, and toxic waste from many factories.
  • Night on Earth, a unique documentary about the night lives of the wildlife on earth: from lions to bats.
  • Dancing with the Birds is a must watch if your child is one of those interested with birds. It features the ruffling of many birds’ majestic feathers to their courtship routines.

Let Them Have Pets of Their Own
If you want your child to understand the importance of preserving wildlife, why not let them try to care for pets first? If you are not sure of what pets might suit your child, you can look for our recommendations here. However, make sure to pick a pet that fits your child’s age, so they will not instead danger their own pet. 

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