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Let’s Teach Your Kids to Stand Up Against Bullies!

A few days ago, we already talked about how to see the signs of bullying. Yesterday, we also talked about how to deal with those bullies. This time, let’s talk about how your kids can stand up against bullies that bullies their friends.

Speaking up for someone else

One of the easiest ways to stand up against bullies that bullied your kids’ friends is to let your kids speak up for someone else. This is very important because most of the time, a bullying victim would be too threatened and overwhelmed to actually say anything. During that time, your kids should take control of the situation. If they feel that it is too scary, ask them to have some friends to accompany them.

Cut the harassment short

If your kids see any bullies bullying their friends, one way they can help to stand up against bullies is get in the way of those bullies. One good way to do so is to ignore those bullies and instead head straight to the victim. Then, you should tell them to get away from the bully as far away as they can and as soon as they could do so. However, it is really important to tell your kids to not engage or even converse with the bully.

Help them standing up against the bullies

Sometimes, the bullying victims also would like to stand up against the bully but are too afraid to do so by themselves. When this happens, your kids might want to offer their support and ask how they can help. However, tell your kids that the victims might also decline the offer. When it happens, tell your kids to not be upset at the victim, and instead offer the help if the victims were to change their mind.

Listen to the victims

Just like how we advise you to listen to the victims, you should advise your kids to do the same. Really listen to those victims as they tell their story to your kids, and it is very important to be nonjudgmental as that victim tells their side of the story.

Allow the victims to be emotional

The victims of bullying will sometimes let out their feelings to the person standing up against their bullies. This is completely normal, and you should tell your kids not to take it personally. After all, your kids might just be the safe space for those victims, in which they think it is completely okay for them to bare their feelings to your kids completely. It is also okay for your kids to not say anything, and simply listen to everything the victims are saying.

Alert adults or figure of authority

If your kids happen to see any form of bullying, harassment, or even discrimination, one of the best thing they can do to stand up against bullies is by reporting it to teachers, parents, or other figure of authority. However, if your kids are too nervous to do so, they can try giving a message anonymously; that way, they can be safe from future problems that might happen regarding the bully.

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