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Let’s Visit Santa Claus Village!

When we talk about Christmas, kids will usually have one figure in mind: Santa Claus. The legend said that Santa will travel around the world from Santa Claus Village in Northpole during the Christmas Eve until the early morning of Christmas Day. During his travel, he will be giving out gifts to kids that behaved well.

There are some debates about the location of Santa’s workshop where he made presents and gifts he would later give to the kids. Some said that the workshop is located in North Pole, while others believe that it is located in Lapland, a region that stretches over four countries: Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Russia. There are also some people that do not believe in Santa at all.

However, since 1985, somewhere in Rovaniemi, Lapland, the Santa Claus Village is officially opened for the public as an amusement park.

Photo Credit: Santa Claus Village

As said above, in 1985, Rovaniemi in Lapland region of Finland is officially recognized as the hometown of Santa Claus. The opening of Santa Claus Village is now one of the biggest tourist attractions for the region.

Not only can you and your kids meet Santa Claus and cross the Arctic Circle everyday, you can also see what Santa Claus does every day when it is not Christmas. You can see how he takes care of his mission to make the kids of the world grow with kindness.

Santa Claus Office

Photo Credits: Santa Claus Village

One of the attractions in Santa Claus Village is the office of Santa Claus himself. The office has been open for public every day of the year ever since 1992, so everyone from every part of the world can drop by and say hi to Santa as he works.

House of Mrs. Claus

Photo Credit: Santa Claus Village

House of Mrs. Claus is the newest attraction in the village. In this cottage, Mrs. Claus is helping out Santa Claus’ work by making delicious food for him. Of course, you and your kids can help too! If you visit the cottage, it is guaranteed that you will feel not only excitement, but also joy as Mrs. Claus tells stories about Lapland’s history and lifestyle.

Petting Zoo of the Elves

Photo Credit: Santa Claus Village

In order to help him, Santa Claus has many pets with him. If you are interested in seeing what kind of pets that Santa takes care of, the petting zoo will definitely be a great place for you to visit. Not only can you meet the friendly animals, but you can also do some snow sliding if you visit during winter time.

Arctic Snowhotel

Photo Credit: Santa Claus Village

With a 25 minutes drive from the Santa Claus Village, you can visit a unique place: A resort made with ice. You can try to sleep on one of their beds made of ice, visit the ice chapel, or you can top it off with aurora hunting and a private sauna.

Those are only some of the many wonderful and interesting attractions in Santa Claus Village. If you are interested, it is not hard to visit the village, since it is located only 2 kilometres from Rovaniemi Airport. So, what do you think? Will you spend your holiday with Santa Claus?

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