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Make a Planner for Your 2020!

It’s almost the half-mark of the first month of the year, and during those times, have you been using your time effectively? Or have you been feeling that you do not have enough time on your hands? If it is the latter, then maybe it is time for you to consider making a daily planner for the days going forward.

“But why would I need a planner?” you might ask. In that case, we are going to share a few reasons why everyone would need a daily planner:

Keep records of your activities

One of the best reasons for having a daily planner is that you can keep track of what you have done before. Maybe when you forgot when was the last time you went to the dentist, you can simply turn the pages back and see whether you have to go soon or not.

It helps you with managing time more effectively

When you simply run constantly from one work to another, you tend to not have enough time for everything. Once you have a planner, you will start thinking of everything as a whole. This is because you will easily schedule each appointment, errand, event, and tasks. That way, you would know what you can expect and will not run out of time.

You will be more productive

This is related to the previous point: you will be able to start working on your own personal projects that you have been putting off. One mistake that people tend to make is that people think that the word “productive” only relates to their day jobs, but that is and should not be the case.

It makes you work faster

This might be an obvious point, but many people would not realize it. By having a planner, you will be forced to work faster, because once you plan ahead, you have an exact list of things that need to be done. Once everything is finished, you can then have a nice cup of coffee, read some books, or even play with your gadgets.

It will reduce your stress

Do you sometimes feel pressured because you do not know what you have to do? If so, then maybe the planner will be able to help you in your endeavor. Having a planner means you will be able to write everything you need to do, including all the information you need about your goals.


One of the most common ways to make your own daily planner is by using the Bullet Journal system. Basically, it is a journal system that summarizes all you are currently, will, and have done throughout the day. It also has some symbols that can help with the organizing you are doing. As to how you can make your own Bullet Journal will be a topic for another day.

However, we are going to help you by supplying some free planner you can use. These daily planner templates with good designs are provided by The Handmade Home, and features many choices you can download for free! So, there should not be no more reason for you to dilly-dally! Start writing your journal now, and enjoy a much more organized life.

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