Meet Our Family


Meet Toyu, the leader of the group!

If you need to rely on someone, rely on Toyu. With his strategic and quick thinking, he will try his best to help you out by giving a practical and reliable advice!

One of his hobbies is to cook egg-based food. He will always try to find new recipes to cook an egg with! He also likes to sing along when he’s on an adventure as long as it’s a happy and cheerful song.

If you want to be on Toyu’s good side, maybe you can give him an egg waffles or a cup of cheese tea!

“Come on, guys! Our next adventure is waiting!”


Are you in serious trouble? Ask Jun to help you!

As the one to make the rule and the wisest of them all, everyone will come to Jun for a much more serious trouble. With his knowledge and wise advice, he will be the one to get everyone out of any kind of problem.

Jun really loves to read, especially about laws and biography. If you come and play to his house, you can also find his collection of manual books. Sometimes, you can also find him trying to meditate to calm himself down.

When Jun successfully helps you, you can give him a cup of hot chocolate or a chicken noodle soup. He will definitely like it!

“See? Now you learn the lesson when you charges forward without thinking, right Toyu?”


Are you feeling down? Don’t worry, Ken is here to hug you!

As the chill one, Ken will always be there to make everyone feel loved. Everyone will come to Ken when they feel down, and he will be more than happy to give you a comforting hug to make things feel a little bit better.

Ken loves to do stand up comedy and play board games with everyone. Usually, Ken will be the nicest guy during the game. If he invites you to play games in his house, you can be sure you will get a lot of delicious food!

When everyone is hugging each other, Ken knows that his friends really love him, and that makes him the happiest person in the world. He also loves to sing because for him, music makes other people happy!

If you feel thankful for being carried or hugged by Ken, give him vegetables or fruit juice to energize him!

“Here you go, another hug for everyone!”


Hey, Ryu is talking to you! Follow her!

Ryu is the nosy dragon lady of the group that also acts as tough love motivator. When facing a tough problem, Ryu will always keep everyone’s fire lit by empowering everyone when they feel down.

Ryu loves to do boxing and zumba, which fits her blunt personality so well. She might come off as very blunt, but that is because she likes it better when everyone is honest. She will also be there to remind you that you have the power to get through your problem.

If Ryu comes to cheer you up, make sure you thank her properly by giving her food or drinks that contains carrot!

“Keep it up, everyone! We can do this!”

The cheerful cheerleader, Hana is here!

Being a guardian angel of the group, Hana is always on the move to make everybody happy! If you feel sad or angry, Hana will definitely come and find you to cheer you up!

Hana loves to keep Toyu Land clean, and you can easily find her patrolling her friends’ house to make sure they are okay. When someone is down, they can always open up to Hana because she has a very big heart.

She will be really happy if you bring her chocolate cake!

“Be positive! There will surely be a way out of this!”