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Here are Some Online Challenges to do With Kids During the Quarantine!

Stuck in the quarantine with nothing to do is really boring, so why not try doing some challenges to do with kids at home? There are various online challenges out there, but many of them are actually dangerous for both you and your kids’ well-being. That is why this time we are going to give you some lists of challenges that you can do with them without having to worry about hurting anyone!

Mannequin Challenge

Mannequin challenge is one of the safest and easiest challenges to do with kids at home. This challenge was based on a viral internet video from November 2016. In order to do this challenge, the whole family needs to remain frozen in action, just like how mannequins would be. Then, one family member will have to take a video about it and put the song Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd. Then, you can post the video on many social media with the hashtag #MannequinChallenge.

Whisper Challenge

Our next challenge to do with kids is the whisper challenge. It is very easy to do this challenge, because all you need to do is to wear an earphone or earbuds that play loud music while other people say a word. The person with the earphone will then have to guess the phrases said to them. This challenge can be made into a fun and competitive challenge that you can do with the whole family, maybe with the winner could choose what they want to eat for dinner!

Try Not to Laugh Challenge

This challenge is popularized by many YouTubers back in the day, in which they will watch a compilation of short and funny videos. If you are choosing this as the challenge to do with kids, you should first find or compile funny videos. There is only one objective for this challenge, and as its name suggested, you cannot laugh while watching any of those videos. However, be wary that this challenge might make you or your kids laugh at other people’s expense.

Bottle Flip Challenge

Our next challenge to do with kids got so popular there are some applications that took the idea and turned it into phone games. However, this time we are going to physically do the challenge! All we have to do is to flip a bottle in the air and make sure it lands perfectly. If that sounds boring to you, you can put some twists on the challenge just like in the video made by That’s Amazing above. All and all, this could be a challenge that is easy to do but hard to master!

Instagram Challenges

A post from the “See A Pup, Send A Pup” Instagram challenge.

For our last challenge to do with kids, we are going to take a good look at Instagram, the photo sharing social media. Lately, due to the quarantine, many people are using their Instagram Story as a way to share many challenges. One of such challenges is redrawing pineapples, sending pictures of dogs as part of the #seeadogsendadog challenge, or even something physical such as push-up or planking challenge. These challenges are believed to come from the boredom that people felt because of the quarantine, so they find the time to do some activities that are mostly harmless.

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