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Painting with Family is a Fun Activity, And You Can Do It Too! Here Are Some Ideas We Have Prepared!

There is nothing better for a family to do with each other on the weekend except strengthening the bond between each other. But do you have any idea how? This time, we are going to tell you one fun way to do just that: painting with family! We are also going to give you some ideas that might inspire you to make fun painting activities with your whole family!

DIY Lawn Twister Mat

Our first idea for painting with family is to make your own twister mat. However, here’s the twist: you will play twister on your lawn instead of indoor! Playing twister indoor can sometimes get really dangerous, especially if you do not have that big of a space in your house. With this DIY lawn twister mat, you do not have to worry about those kind of thing anymore, as you will only fall on grass.

Rainbow Sponge Painting

Rainbow sponge painting is super cool!

If you want to make the painting with family a fun activity, you might need to get a little bit messy! This activity by Hands On will have you prepare a few sponges (according to how many people will participate in the activity) and some paints with the color of rainbow! Once you have your things ready, you can start the fun (and mess) with the whole family! Remember, the goal is not to make a fine art, but a fun art!

Kids’ Hearts Collaboration

creative kids art for Valentine's Day

The previous idea for painting with family scares you with how messy it will be? Do not fret, because Hands On, once again, have another idea you can use! This time, it is to create a piece of art that you can showcase while keeping the desk clean. All you need are a big scrapbook paper, and some unused (or cheap) crayons! Because (you and) your kids will be destroying the crayons inside the plastic bag, your desk will still be clean once you finished making a beautiful piece of art with the whole family!

Printing Painting


Are you ready to get messy again? With this idea from Casa Maria’s Creative Learning Zone, you will definitely have a headache trying to clean up the leftover once you and your kids finished doing this activity. All you need to make this are a few paints, tissue rolls, and tissues. After some initial preparation, all you need to do is roll the tissue roll down, taking all the paint with it! It is fun! And messy! But really fun!

Paint like Van Gogh

Paint Van Gogh's Starry Night using forks! Learn about creating movement and texture in painting like Van Gogh with this fun and engaging art project that will have your kids wanting to paint with forks over and over again!

For our last idea to use during your painting with family, you might need to take a few moments to research the paintings made by Vincent van Gogh. Once you and your families finished seeing some of them, you will have to try and replicate it! But here’s the catch: you should try and only use a fork as you paint! Once you are done, you can hang the paintings in the living room and feel proud of them!

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