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Prepare Your Kids to Go Back To School!

In a few days, we are going to have Christmas Holiday and followed by New Year Holiday. After 2 consecutive holidays, then it will be time for our kids to go back to school! Before we got too busy preparing for the holiday, it might be a good idea to prepare our kids before they start going back to their daily lives at school!

Since Christmas Holiday and New Year Holiday is also the first semester’s holiday, when your kids go back to their daily routine, the teacher will usually give the parents some list of supplies that your kids would need in the class, usually textbooks.

Since they will also be going to school in a new year, it is not a bad idea to let them go with new styles. If they like their new styles, surely they will feel more confident going back to class.

But did you know that confidence actually plays a big part in your kids study?

If your kids could feel more confident in themselves, they would be less likely to doubt their decisions and will have more opportunities to grow. Not only that, by becoming more confident, your kids will also be able to push themselves so they will know which part they lack.

Thankfully, there are some basic essentials that you could give your kids as a way to raise their confidence, and those are:

  • Backpack

One of the most essential items that you need to prepare before your kids go back to school is a backpack! You could say that it is the backbone when it comes to prepare your kids for their daily routine.

With a strong backpack, your kids can carry their books and other items such as water bottle and lunchbox not only with ease, but with more comfort. You might want to choose a backpack with more than 1 compartment, back and strap pad, and a name label so it won’t go missing.

While we are talking about backpack, why not check our selections of backpack? Our backpack comes with 3 variations of style, so your kids can pick between being a jungle explorer, astronaut, or even feels like a magical unicorn! You can find our selections in the link down below!

  • Stationery

Your kids would not be able to write anything down if they have no stationery on their first day of school after their holiday! In this case, stationery refers to almost every necessity your kids would need in their study such as notebooks, pens, pencils, eraser, ruler, and even pencil case.

If you are trying to find new stationery for your kids, we have some new selections that not only look cool, but also unique. Most of our stationery have 3 themes: space, unicorn, and jungle. You can pick a single theme for every item, or you can let your kids mix them up!

  • Lunchbox

For your kids to go back to school properly, we should make sure that their stomach will not be empty! Nowadays, there are a lot of shapes and sizes of lunch boxes that you could pick for your kids. Try to pick lunch boxes that could keep the food you prepare for your kids warm until their lunch time.

If you want to raise their confidence even more, you can put some printable lunch box notes and put it into your kids’ lunch box. It does not have to be a complex message, you can simply write how much you love them.

You can also check our collection of lunchbox on our TOYU Store with 2 different themes! Our lunch boxes offer 3 compartments to promote healthy eating habits for your kids, and are made with leak-proof seal to accommodate wet foods.

  • Water bottle

Another essential item you should prepare for your kids to go back to school is a water bottle! Remember, it is essential for everyone to stay hydrated! Try to find a water bottle that could hold enough water for your kids to drink until the end of the school day.

Before you worry about finding a good water bottle, you should try to check out our selection of water bottles! We have a 500-ml water bottle made with food-grade Titan BPA Free material. Not only do we have 3 unique themes that your kids could pick, we also include a strap with each bottle so your kids can walk while holding the bottle.


How about you? What kind of new school supplies do you get your kids to get them ready before they go back to school? Tag us on Instagram with what your kids bring to school!

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