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Let’s Prevent Global Warming Together with Your Kids By Following These Rules!

As an adult, it is way easier to help prevent global warming. We can decide to change our energy generator, and we can even choose to use public or greener means of transportation. But what if our children want to join in? Obviously, it would be impossible for them to change our energy generation, so this time we will look at the ways to prevent global warming as a child!

Conserving energy in their daily lives

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If your children have their own room, preventing global warming as a child is not very hard to do! One of the best things to do if you want to avoid the consequences of global warming is to save energy. There are a few things your children could do to save energy, and some of them are:

  • Close doors so heat does not escape
  • Turn off their computers, TV, or even game consoles when they are not using it
  • Turning off the light during the day and before they go to sleep

Treat water as luxury and a precious thing

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In Indonesia, there is a high amount of rainfall during the first half of the year. However, your children also need to know that turning off their tap water while they are brushing their teeth could help the environment and is one way to prevent global warming. They could also help by taking short baths instead of an hour long bath!

Take public transport

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With the development of public transportation in Indonesia, there are various choices of public transportation you could choose to bring your children to school. However, during the first day of taking public transport, your children might ask why you are not taking them to school with your car instead. When that happens, you can teach them about how reducing the pollution is one way to prevent global warming.

Walking or cycling if they are traveling short distance

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It is sad, but it is the fact that there are people whose house is only around 500 meters from the convenience store or the market, and yet they are using their car or motorcycle to go there. It is your duty as parents to tell your kids that while using a motorcycle or car is indeed faster, it is also hurting the Earth. Encourage them to take a walk or use their bicycle if they want to go to the convenience store to buy some snacks.

Reduce the amount of snacks they eat

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If your children are the type to buy snacks from the convenience store, it might be a good idea to let them reduce the amount of snacks they consume. The reason is because if those snacks came with plastic packaging, they would not disappear even after hundreds of years. Not only that, but by reducing your garbage by 10%, you could save at least 1.200 pound of carbon dioxide.


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We have talked about this before in a previous article regarding what you can do in quarantine. However, there is actually another benefit to doing gardening at home! As you and your kids might well know, trees (or plants in general) will absorb carbon dioxide and is a good way to prevent global warming!

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